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Thread: Toy Review - Kingdom Paleotrex

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    10th Mar 2016

    Default Toy Review - Kingdom Paleotrex

    Series - Generations
    Sub-line - War For Cybertron
    Sub-sub-line - Kingdom
    Size/class - Deluxe
    New/remould/redeco - New
    Wave - 1
    Released here - January 2021
    Approximate Retail Price - $29
    Approximate Size - 13.5cm
    Allegiance - Predacon
    Sub-Group - Fossilizer
    Alt-mode - Tyrannosaurus skeleton
    Main Features/Gimmicks - becomes armour/weapons for other figures, mutant mask which also becomes Primal's mace
    Main Colours - beige, dark brown, light brown
    Main Accessories - I mean, technically he is made up of accessories....

    New line, new gimmick. This time it's fossils and I for one couldn't be more in love with the silliness/awesomeness of it.

    Paleotrex's dino mode is skinny for obvious reasons but also ends up being quite tall. The articulation is almost perfect, especially in the legs and feet. My only gripe is that the tail only has one joint of movement, but considering that this is a deluxe I'm really just being picky here. Sculpt and paint is great too, really works for the fossil theme.

    The "transformation" if you want to call it that is not easy to figure out, but easy to get the hang of once you know what goes where. The robot mode has a slightly asymmetrical design and I love that it has the mutant mask gimmick (more on this in a sec). Part of the tail can be wielded as a club of sorts or hidden away behind the right shoulder.
    Whilst I have no gripes with the aesthetic here, I do take issue with there not being ankle tilts as that has become a standard we have gotten used to in WFC. There is a tilt just below the knee, but this really isn't that helpful for posing. To be fair, it is that way due to the where those pieces go in the dino mode, so one mode or the other had to suffer I guess.

    Does that mutant mask look familiar? If you remove the head from the body it becomes a mase for Kingdom Primal or any figure with 5mm ports...

    Just like Wheeljack here! I love the absurdity of this car and dinosaur mashup.

    Overall, a fun toy that is mostly well designed. You're either going to hate the concept or love it, I think.
    Me? Well, I can't wait to get more of these fossilizers.
    G2 Gearhead
    G2 Soundwave

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    11th Mar 2009


    Absolutely love the fossilizer concept

    The color transitioning looks awesome.

    I will be buying at least two of this guy and one will be the skull mace and a guitar for Primal or Hot Rod

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    23rd Jul 2015


    I've noticed Paleotrex has fantasy elements courtesy of the spiked breastplate, axe and skull helm/mace.

    When it comes to the horror side, Paleotrex has the fossiliser aspect which makes other TFs look disturbing with bones and limbs attached to them.
    So the question is will Hasbro create weaponiser/fossiliser consisting of tentacles and tendrils? And if they do, they'll be inadvertently honouring the work of H.P. Lovecraft and John Carpenter.

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