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Thread: Making your own toy stickers or labels

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    Default Making your own toy stickers or labels

    The POLICE front licence plate sticker for my G1 Prowl rubbed away a long time ago (I think it's an area I repeatedly held onto during transformation) and I just kept it blank until I thought about replacing it recently. I wasn't going to buy Toyhax/Reprolabels labels for just the licence plate. So I did some research and saw that Brother labels might work.

    I already own a Brother PT-H105 label maker. So I bought a TZe-335 White on Black laminated tape, which I needed for other labelling (about $20, so I wouldn't buy it just for Prowl.)

    My labeller can print at half font height (double lines) for the TZe-335, which was about the same letter height as the original sticker. The font is not the same - the original font looked like the rear licence plate but with thicker letters. Still, it's better than the previous blank. The lamination is also more durable than the paper sticker.

    Anyway, if any members need to replace their G1 Prowl (or Bluestreak) front licence plate, I can print some off and mail them.

    It'd be neat if my labeller was a bigger one to create my own labels for SS86 Jazz's 14 and Earthrise Smokescreen's 80... they'd probably need 24mm black on white tape.

    Has anyone else made their own stickers or labels? This guy printed his own but printing tech is probably better nowadays.

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    You can get water slide decal paper that you can run through an inkjet printer and I've seen hot wheels customisers sand the back of regular print outs and stick them to cars using mod podge

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    I am pretty sure M-Bot has used those before to make tattoos for some oversize Ooshies he had to paint.

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