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Thread: Toy review - Grimlock (Studio Series 86)

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    Objectively speaking SS86 Grimlock is a great toy. Unfortunately he is a toy many of us will have already.

    • Looks and scale are on point. (ignoring the smoky glass chest). This is G1 cartoon/movie Grimlock.
    • He comes with pegs and holes for the blast effects/accessories. They didn't have to do this, it is appreciated.

    • For all the extra articulation over the G1 he's still pretty wooden. In both modes.
    • Sculpted detail simply seems lacking compared to other SS86 and Kingdom offerings. A lot of surfaces are noticeably bare.
    • Poor accessories. The gun didn't appear in the film, Wheelie is kind of pointless. Throw in a breathing fire blast effect. If you're gonna break toon accuracy with the smoky chest, at least throw in a sword.
    • He doesn't deserve the Leader Class price point (acknowledging that few do) but Esp if you compare with fellow Leader Beast Megatron.

    In fairness, it's really hard to improve on the G1 design for Grimlock which is one of the best of the era. If you don't own a G1 or Masterpiece Grimlock, perhaps this guy is your next best thing. Otherwise I have to say he's a pretty pedestrian offering in isolation. That said I'm still hopeful/excited to see the other Dinobots but won't be surprised if they all follow the same philosophy of upscale G1 + movie-esque accessory nobody asked for.

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