Okay let's recap on all the Transformers Movie leaks and rumours...

1 - Live action Bumblebee Movie sequel (in development with filming and budget details revealed)

2 - Live action? Beast Wars Movie

3 - Animated unknown themed Movie

4 - Live action new universe Movie - New project announced last month.

According to the information shared Marco Ramirez, the showrunner of Netflix’s Marvel show The Defenders, is set to write the script while Angel Manuel Soto, who directed last year’s teen drama, Charm City Kings, is attached to direct.
Since there was very little known, or even verified at the time, I didn't mention it... but some more info has surfaced, so this could be a legitimate project.

Angel Manuel Soto, director of the upcoming untitled Transformers movie arrived for a chat with the hosts of MoluscoTV podcast and shared few tidbits on his new venture. Fellow colleague, Black Convoy, took the honor of translating the interview for us.
Mr. Soto stated that the premises of his new Transformers movie will take place outside of United States. The story does not involve the military.
The plot is stated to be completely outside of the Bayverse.
Additionally, the director described the inception of the movie in question. He got the call from Paramount after the 2020 Sundance Film Festival where he showcased Charm City Kings. The Los Angeles production company expressed their interest to make a new and different Transformers project with him. Angel Manuel Soto personally pitched the idea to Paramount & Hasbro. The two companies liked the idea and gave a greenlight.
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The Soto Transformers Project is still in an earlier stage than the upcoming DC Blue Beetle movie (also directed by Angel Manuel Soto).
The director is planning to humanize the Transformers characters on his movie (personality-wise and not design-wise). He want the robots to speak like us, in a natural way. That’s the way he remembers Transformers and the reason we felt identified with the original Transformers. He believes that when you humanize the characters, you get closer to them, love them. When there’s a human approach, you create a connection with them. If not, they are just lifeless robots.
Angel Manuel Soto is surprised to see all the reaction of fans about him directing this movie. He doesn’t want to let anybody down. While he can’t speak much details, he says that the budget is over 50 milliion dollars and it’s a challenge to manage it. He really wants to bring as much of the movie as he can to Puerto Rico.
Elsewhere, Mr. Soto stated that he always wanted to make a movie on Transformers; which he enjoyed during his childhood. Growing up, his father struggled to provide for his family but bought him Transformers toys which he loved and cherished.
I guess Hasbro wants more Movie toylines, as those previous movie years were their best for sales of Transformers toy products (to retailers... not necessarily to the general public or fans).