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Thread: The non-toy Star Wars discussion thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by XMan View Post
    They're in Rebels and will both be in The Mandalorian season two
    Yes they are, and yes they will be but after the waste of a series known as ?resistance? We could all do with a cracking show and the last season of clone wars showed that a clone based show with minimal jedi involvement can be done and done well. Also made Ahsokas light Sabre battles at the end even more spectacular.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trent View Post
    Is there anyone here that identifies with this?

    If so please let me know so I can point and laugh at you every day for the rest of my life. Take heart in the fact that you are providing so much comedy during these dark days.
    I don't even understand what's being said. I'm a simple guy. Perhaps someone can put it in laymans language.

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    Please...let?s not bring any attention to this toxic minority. They validate themselves through arguments and baiting. They?re like those advertisement monsters from that Halloween Simpsons episode. Just look away and they?ll just fade away back to whatever dank hole they came from.

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    Something random that popped in my head at work (because it is so boring where I work)...

    How is the Death Star structured?
    If you think of a building or (space)ship, all of the floors or decks are generally horizontally parallel. And every time we have had the Death Star (either of them) on film, it has the appearance of all decks/floors being horizontally parallel, from the bottom of the sphere to the top.
    There's no indication that the levels are curved (like the space station in Space Odyssey 2001), or any sign of the lifts changing directions (like in Star Trek)... but we do know that there are towers on the surface (like the Emperor's tower and gun stations), which are clearly sitting on the surface like buildings on the surface of a planet.
    As such, those constructs on the surface are not parallel to all of the decks/floors/levels inside the Death Star... if all of the internal levels are parallel (stacked on top of each other like in an office building). So how do people get into the surface buildings, if the rest of the structure is layered like a regular building?
    When ships fly into the Death Star to land in one of the hangers (Vader's shuttle, Millennium Falcon, Emperor's shuttle) they all fly into the side of the Death Star, as if the levels are parallel to the equator... and not like an onion, which would be better for gravity, and make more sense for the "buildings" that stick out of the surface of the Death Star.

    Too much thought about something fictional?
    Or has this already been explained from an official source, like in one of those reference or cut-away books?

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