The Transformers is a story and action figure series, produced since 1984 by the Toy Corporations Hasbro and Takara.
The Ozformers club is an unofficial club for Transformers fans in Australia, started in 1996.
This is a collection of links to Transformers news and resources to help out other fans, and potential fans, in Australia.

Australian Transformers News

Global Transformers News

Australian Transformers FAQ

Australian Transformers Info

Global Transformers Info

Transformers Fan Interaction

Transformers Toy List

Transformers Dealer Guide


OZFORMERS News Emailing list - For just about all the Transformers news and info, emailed direct to members of the Ozformers collector group. Ozformers was started in 1996 to meet the needs of Australian Transformers fans as they started appearing on the internet.  Still going after all these years, it is now one of the longest running Transformers fan groups in the world.  Ozformers is for any transfan in Australia, so email me at griffin(at) for details on joining the news-emailing list or to become a registered member.

Ozformers Messageboard (since April 2002) -The Australian fan forum for Transformers news and discussion

Planet Sabretron Messageboard (since July 1999) - The first Transfan forum in Australia - run by Goktimus

Ozfigures Messageboard - For news and discussion of toys in Australia, including Transformers

Damn Toys Messageboard - For news, trading and discussion of toys in Australia, including Transformers

Transformers New Zealand - News and messageboard for our Tasman neighbours

For more Transformers interaction forums in other parts of the world - skip down to this fan forums listing.

IRC AUSTNET Channel - #transformers
How to log on and chat live with other transfans -
(If you know any other TF channels or IRC servers, let me know)

Transformers Yahoo groups -
Free Web and email based interaction forums. Some require registration. Best to post through Yahoo website.

TFs section of -
Automated international internet concept for various hobbies and interests.
Click on a location to see if there is a meeting soon. Not sure if any Australian meetups through that website have ever occured.  Kinda redundant in our small TFAU community, with most serious fans already part of mailing lists and forums to make their own plans for group meetings.

Current Transformer Toy Sightings in Australia - Sightings section of the Ozformers Messageboard.

Transformers toys released in Australia since 1984 - dirge's reference list.

Hasbro Australia Customer Service contact details:
Phone Number (local call cost within Australia) - 1-300-138-697
Business Hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (Eastern Standard Time)
Email -
Postal address - Hasbro Australia Ltd
Customer Service Department
Private Bag 6
Eastwood NSW 2122

Transformers Cartoon series and Movie on DVD - Madman Entertainment.

This week's Transformers Cartoon Schedule - Ozformers Board Posting
Transformers cartoon scheduling on free-to-air TV - Australian Cartoon Central
Transformers cartoon scheduling on Pay TV (Cartoon Network) - Foxtel program guide

Australian Action figure news, including Transformers -

Transformers news and discussion - Theyareamongus

Ebay auction listings for Transformers in Australia - Ebay Australia.
Go to the Dealer Guide for tips on using Ebay.


The following is a list of Transformers websites I recommend if you are searching for information. I don't check all of them regularly, so some may no longer be current.  All these links were last checked April 2005, but please let me know if something needs to be removed, updated, or added.

Ben's World of Transformers Lots of details on whatever the current series is
Transformers World 2005 News and Forums
Fan2fan JP Takara Transformers news
Bigbot Transformers Page Various news items
Dave's Transformers Page Toy sightings in America and toy reviews
Unicron Website US toy sightings, news and toy-packaging scans
Seibertron websiteA source of news and info
TformersA source of news and info
The AllsparkA source of news and info
Transfandom websiteA source of news and info
Transformers ArchiveA source of news and info
Transformers Source A source of news and info
Transformers @ The Moon UK news and info site
The Cybertron Archive A source of news and info
Remy's TFkenkon website Advance toy photos and Takara news
Cosmic Rust website Various news items
Ehobby Japan - shows new exclusive Takara recolours (in Japanese)
Diamond Comics Previews listing of comics and merchandise (go to text order form and search for Transformers)

Archive info:
Transformers FAQ A site to help direct you to info on TFs
Rob's Transformers Page For Japanese episode guides, comic lists, and Trannie Awards An extensive archive of TF toy photos and info.
Alpha Trion's Data Base TF info archive
Stanley Lui's Transformers Encyclopedia Info on just about anything TF related
Transfans Comic reviews toy pictures and cartoon screenshots
G1 Instruction Scans An archive of Instruction sheets
Techspecs and biocard scans Archive
G1, BW, BM, RiD instructions Archive
G2 instructions Archive
Car Robots instructions and toy info Archive
Gen1 Toy Catalogue scans Archive
Gen1 Toy Catalogues, mail-order catalogues and back-of-box art Archive
Gen1 Toy Catalogue scans Archive
Hasbro and Takara Catalogue scans archive, and cartoon song lyrics
TFmaster Transtopia Kitbashes and custom Transformers
Toyarchive Boxed TFs, prototypes, knockoffs, store displays, character animation cells.
Fred's Workshop Production Variants, Pre-Transformers and fast food toys
Takara Transformers info and lists
Zobovor's Multi-Faceted Transformers Site TF Encyclopedia, bloopers and voice actor lists
Arc of Cybertron UK comic scans
Transformers Comic Comic scans and info
Raksha's TF Artifacts site Details on TF merchandise
Rework's Parts Identification Aid An archive of TF toy accessories photos archive of BW/BM toy accessories photos
Botch's Box art site An archive of TF box art scans
Lexicon Fanfic Database A reference list to transformers fan-made stories
TranficbaseAn archive of zipped fan-made stories
Cliffbee's toy reviews Archive
Unofficial 1985 Transformers Movie website

Official sites:
Hasbro's TransformersOfficial Transformers website of the company producing the toys
TakaraToy company that does Transformers in Japan
Transformers Club WebsiteThe Official Transformers Collectors Club and Convention
BotconThe BotCon Transformers Convention website
Titan Books Reprints of the Marvel Transformers comics
Wildfur ProductionsJoint project between Simon Furman and Andrew Wildman


Australian Messageboards:
Damn Toys (includes Transformers discussion)
Ozfigures (includes Transformers discussion)
Ozformers Transformers Collectors Australia
Planet Sabertron
New Zealand Messageboard:
Transformers New Zealand

The rest of the world:
Transformers World 2005
TF Archive
The Cybertron Archive
Iacon Harbor
Iacon Hub
Transmasters UK
Nordic TransFans Association
Transformers Comic
Bottalk (Bigbot forum - requires registration to access)
Transmasters US
Transformers @ The Moon
Legacy of Cybertron
TFmaster Transtopia Kitbash TFs

Newsgroups: General Transformers Newsgroup moderated newsgroup on anything to do with Transformers moderated newsgroup to discuss the old series Newsgroup for trading Transformers newsgroup for trading Transformers Newsgroup for creative pieces on Transformers

Unofficial Fanclubs:
Nordic TransFans AssociationFor fans in the Nordic-Scandinavian area of Europe
OzformersFor fans in Australia, and anyone else nearby
TransmastersThe earliest known international TF club, open to all countries but administrated in America and England
Transmasters UK (The Hub) The UK branch of Transmasters with archive of fan stuff

My email: griffin (at)

Transformers names and concepts are property of Hasbro.