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Originally Posted by Hasbro View Post
5. Arcee

"I’m more than just a pretty face."

ARCEE has gone through many changes during her career as an AUTOBOT. From pink and white colors to a sleeker dark blue, ARCEE is one of the few female TRANSFORMERS to stand the test of time. ARCEE has proven herself in battle time and time again - whether it is against UNICRON, SHOKARACT or even JAHIAXUS(sic). ARCEE has lost many partners during the Great War, but her most painful memory is losing her comrade CLIFFJUMPER at the hands of STARSCREAM. Two people she could never do without, however is her human friend JACK DARBY, and her great-nephew, RATTRAP.
So... Arcee is a combination of at least Transformers: The Movie, IDW G1, Beast Wars, Transformers: Prime and... some new continuity where she fought Shokaract? And probably more (I'm guessing the video will include at least ROTF). That's one hell of an incomprehensible timeline mashup.
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