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Some new Transformers toys from the last 2-3 weeks in Australia...
- Titans Return Ramhorn showing up at discount chain TKMaxx for $5-6 (will probably be the only release of this toy here).
- TF5 Movie Deluxe wave 4 Cogman at Toyworld in QLD, with wave 3 Strafe, Crosshairs and Bumblebee.
- POTP Prime Master wave 3 (Quintus/Bludgeon, Megatronus/Bombburst, Solus/Octopunch) found at Toymate and Target.
- The new Mighty Muggs found at Toyworld and Toymate for $20.
- Rescue Bots Rescue Guard Bumblebee (with 2 Minicon dogs) found at Toyworld and Toymate.
- Rescue Bots Epic (non-transforming) Optimus Prime found at Kmart and Toymate.
- Rescue Bots Friends/Minicons Sequoia (orange bear) found at clearance store Reject Shop for $5.
- The two larger sizes of Cyberverse (Ultra and Ultimate) have now shown up at stores here, like Kmart and Target.
- Bumblebee Movie Energon Igniter Power Plus wave 1 (VW Bumblebee, Camaro Bumblebee, Optimus Prime) found at Toymate for $30 each.

- POTP Deluxe wave 3 Terrorcons found at Toyworld and Toymate first.

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Found and bought TR Ramhorn at TK Maxx Tuggerah $6.

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Toyworld Macgregor had several cases in of the TF5 Movie Deluxe wave 3 and 4 toys (wave 4 is actually just Cogman with wave 3... so plenty of Strafe, Crosshairs and new Bumblebees)... and all on clearance for $25 each.

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Top Ryde Toymate has the octopunch, bludgeon, bomb shell wave.
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at Target, photo proof of the wave 3 Prime Masters

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Toy world Werribee has transformers mighty mugs for 20, and the new mega rescue bot bumblebee.

Photos of the Mighty Muggs and the new big Rescue Bots Bumblebee are from the Toymate at Robina.


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The Kmart store at Garden City
the wave 2 Studio Series Voyagers Megatron and Brawl, plus the newest Rescue Bots Epic (12 inch non-transforming toy) Optimus Prime.
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The Reject Shop has:
+ Rescue Bots Mini. $5

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Target Carlo has Ultra Classes and 1 Steppers (Cyberverse)
Photo of the Ultra class toys at Toymate.

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Target Werribee and Toyworld Central Werribee (Toys R us? whats that) both had cyberverse ultimate class op and megatron. didnt check price
Photo of the Ultimate class toys at Toymate.

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Toymate Robina...
The big find was the first release of some of the Energon Igniter toys for the Bumblebee Movie... which I think shouldn't be released until October.
They scanned up, so were meant to be there, but there was only two sets, so probably just a single case snuck though to the store.
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There were 2 POTP wave 3 terrorcons at Toymate Robina today but someone bought them a minute later.

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Saw Wave 3 POTP Cuttroat and Blot at Toyworld Australia Fair. Only one of each when I left.

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