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Originally Posted by Deonasis View Post
Someone mentioned to me how Luke should have gone out better. In the movie he seemed un-Luke (but was a kick ass hologram later in the film).

Instead of a hologram, how about he flew an x-wing and completely outclassed everyone (including Poe) bringing him back to what he was originally known for, his unrivalled kickass flying ability. THEN go all Obi wan no-clothes.

Yes, his hologram was very cool and must have been very powerful but throughout most of the movie and his actions he never really felt like 'Luke'.
Yup read this plot suggestion and I liked it.
I don't think the hologram was bad, I just felt what a waste.
An honourable fight would be excellent including loosing another hand whatsoever from either side. Hell if kylo looses his hand he will be so much angrier and serves a purpose of turning dark.

Oh well, I am just concern that Rian is still writing the script for next episode? This means jj is done for regardless.
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