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I didn’t hear about Transformers until early 1985 (when I was 9). I’m not sure if it was because Australia was late to get the cartoon and toys or because I lived in a small country town. We only had one small Toyworld and a combined newsagent/toy outlet and that was pretty much it for getting toys there. For TV we had a combine channel 10/9 commercial station and the ABC and that was it, so we didn’t always get the new stuff straight away, also when I was younger the TV rarely went on so I missed a lot of the first two seasons run anyway. However I do fondly recall watching season 3/4 TF's on sat mornings religiously at some point in the late 80’s… I also remember coming home from a friends Birthday party with my jaw to the ground and eyes wide open telling (I'm not sure how coherent I was ) my older brothers about this awesome transformers movie I’d just seen and Optimus Prime died ...( sad but true I used to be able to recite the animated movie word for word from beginning to end.) Comics, I didn’t start collecting until issue 59 or so but a friend had most of the earlier ones that I would often flick through when I was over there.

My first memories…

It was some time in the beginning of 1985 when some school friends of mine were talking about a cartoon they had been watching where this massive orange truck could turn into a robot and would fire lasers at the bad guys specifically a robot called Soundwave who had this cool metallic voice and could turn into a tape player
They also claimed to have seen toys of these Robots at Toyworld. When I inquired more, they were sure the show and toys were called transformers…
Well I had to see toys specifically this Soundwave guy, so I started pestering my mum to take me to the shops to see the toys.

One of my fondest memories about Transformers was going into Toyworld with my mum later that year (1985) and the store owner bringing out this large cardboard box chock full of the G1 transformers so many of us know and love today .
I was only allowed to pick one for my birthday (which is towards the end of the year) and one for Christmas , oh and my older brother wanted Sideswipe for Christmas so I had to make sure I found that for him.(apparently he had seen a few of the earlier episodes at a friends place and loved SS's cool-headed reckless attitude...and he was a Lambo )
I remember pulling out all the G1 cars, Bluestreak, Sunstreaker, Mirage etc etc. I finally found Sideswipe and handed him over - that's my brother done. Then I found Soundwave and handed him to mum…that was Xmas sorted for me now for my bday. I couldn’t decide…I probably would of went for Sideswipe myself because I have loved Lamborghinis from the moment I saw my first picture of the Contach, but my brother had already layed dibs…I remember contemplating Sunstreaker but at the time didn’t really like the air intake thing on his roof so settled on Red Alert

I got my first Transformer – Red Alert – towards the end of that year (1985) for my 10th Birthday (it felt like an eternity of waiting since the visit to toyworld earlier that year) and Soundwave for the Xmas of 1985 (the same year). I am told by my mum that that for at least the next year of getting my first I didn’t go anywhere without a TF in my hand. Sadly those first few TF’s I owned are landfill now as they were played with so much to the point of wearing out and breaking .

I too spent many hours drooling over the Catalogue that came with the bigger TF’s showing all the ones available . Wishing I could get them all…specifically the Dinobots, Jetfire, and the Decepticon Jets, but like a lot of the older Transformer community I only ever got two or three gift opportunities per year so I wasn’t able to get as many of them as I would of liked in the first few years of this awesome brand coming out. However shortly after Xmas of 1985 I remember saving up enough pocket money to get Ravage and Rumble and sent away in the mail for Downshift.

Well I could reminisce for hours but lets just say the rest is history for now…bring on the next 30 years as I am well and truly Hook, Line and Sinkered to this amazing brand and will continue to be for as long as I can…
"Today's Autobots are tomorrow's scrap metal!"

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