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Default Price Matching Policies for Australian Store Chains that stock Toys

This is only a reference guide to the price-matching policies each of the different national chains (who sell toys) has in Australia. Note that these can change at any time. I will update as often as I can (with photos), and if one doesn't have an expiry date, fight for them to honour it, or ask for proof of a published retraction.

Price-Matching is a marketing element of Retailers, to act as an incentive of convenience to Consumers... basically because most Consumers are busy or lazy, and prefer to shop at the one location (hence the popularity of Supermarkets, Department Stores, Hypermarkets and those Massive Shopping Centres that just keep getting bigger).
The point of weekly Specials in mail-out catalogues is to entice you into choosing the Store that has the best Specials, while the Price-Matching policy is to prevent you from going to their competitor... which prevents you from spending more money at that competitor (the "at one location" preference above). After all, isn't that the point of the Specials - to get us in their store, and make money on the full-price items we might buy at the same time.

ALSO NOTE - Retail staff don't know every product in the store, so will sometimes be cautious by only offering to match the "sample images" in a competitor's catalogue. If the Text DEFINITELY states a size-class or group of figures, just be calm and rational when explaining the difference between a size-class and a single item from that size-class, or ask for a Manager if they don't have the authority to make that judgement call. If the Manager refuses to Price-Match, then report it here so that we know which stores to avoid, and report it to the ACCC.

(for details on returns policies, please check their websites, as most are lengthy and can change... but there are basic guarantees provided by law)

Toys R Us (Current as of DECEMBER 2015)
- They used to be the easiest for Price-Matching, by just showing a competitor's catalogue and often matching it without question. The wording below suggests that they might still do that, but it now warns us that the TRU store might now ring up a nearby store, as an option to get out of Price-Matching an item if they really don't want to lose money on.

ToysRUs Price matching policy:

We'll Match ANY Advertised Price*.

*Price Match available in store only. Competitor's product must be in stock at a retail outlet within the same city or town. Product must be identical (e.g. same brand, model and colour). Competitor's advertised price must be current. Price match not available when the competitor's lower price is due to category or storewide discounts, conditional sales, package deals, trade-ins, damaged stock, demonstration or discontinued lines and loyalty or third party offers.We will not match online retailers, fire or liquidation sales, clearance and warehouse outlets.
(this image from their website is very generic, probably to claim that it isn't theirs after it is taken off their website)

Kmart (current as of MARCH 2014)
- They are likely to ring up a single nearby store, to see if it is in stock there.
(Kmart used to have a 'price-beat' guarantee to sell for less than its competitors, but now only matches prices)

Kmart Price Promise:

If you find a cheaper price we'll match it.
At Kmart we guarantee to match the advertised price on any identical stocked item.

Competitor's product must be in stock in the required quantities in a retail outlet located in Australia. Product must be identical (e.g. same brand, same model, same colour). Adequate confirmation of competitor's current advertised price required. We will not match online retailers, clearance or warehouse outlets.

BigW (current as of MARCH 2014 - but last updated JUNE 2012)
- Below is the Price-Matching policy from June 2012, but it is still on their website, so if they refuse to match a competitor's catalogue on the spot, bring up the link below (while it exists). Also note that they are not to ring up any competitor stores to see if it is in stock, because it is not a condition of this specific Policy. (ask them to show you a published list of conditions that allow it)
If they remove that page, use the generic version posted in this topic.
If that Policy is replaced with the previous Policy, it would have them often ringing up a single nearby store, to see if it is in stock there.
ALSO NOTE that BigW will Price-Match its own website prices, if they are different to in-store prices, like during the Mid-year toysales which start online a week before in-store.

BigW's Price Matching policy quoted on their website:

We guarantee Australia's lowest prices on toys because we promise to match any competitor's price - even if you've already got something on layby*.
We make every effort to match advertised prices so that you can be confident that you are paying the lowest price at BIG W.

*If by chance you should find an identical item advertised at a lower price by another store, we guarantee to match that price on the spot. Visit a BIG W store and present the competitor's current advertisement or ask an associate to verify the price, or for online purchases call our Contact Centre on 1300 244 999.

BIG W will price match any product that is identical to the same brand, the same model number or style, and the same weight.
Excludes clearance or wholesale items, online sales, soiled or damaged stock, liquidation sale offers, overseas prices, second-hand, floor stock, end-of-line, ex-demo or similar, and a price printed in error.

Alternate image from their website (below), in case they claim it was only valid during that toy sale above.

Myer (last updated September 2015)
- There is currently signage at stores, saying that they will only match items at "recognised" competitors (they used to also restrict it to the nearest store or in the same city/town, but now don't say that), AND, must be above their own cost price. (ask them to prove the "Cost Price" if they claim that it is below theirs, as some attendants have been caught out claiming that their cost price is much higher than what we know it actually is)
In the past, Myer's Official Pricing Policy was generalised by the statement, 'we will not lead the market on price', so generally, only shop there if they are the ones with a sale running, or still have something not available anywhere else.

Target (last updated JULY 2013)
- Do NOT trust Target for Price-Matching... ever.
That link shows the vastly different Policies at 17 different stores I rang up in 2009, and a "clarification" from Head Office as to why they don't have a National Policy.
As stated by Head Office in a phone call on 6th July 2009...

It has to be currently advertised in both their (Target) catalogue and the competitor's catalogue, and has to be in-stock at both stores, BUT, price-matching is only honoured at the Store Manager's discretion.
Which means, officially, THERE IS NO OFFICIAL POLICY, and if there was one, it is up to Store Managers to apply it, if they even feel like it.
So, you have to enquire at the store before you make your purchase, to see if they have a price-matching policy of any sort, and be aware that Target stores have been known to change their mind about their own policy at any time (even in the same day).

USUALLY, the Mid-year toy sale will have an advertisement of a Policy, but it will generally be valid only for the mid-year toy sale.
The July 2013 sale had signage in the stores, which had no expiry date to that particular policy, so a photo has been included in this topic for you to use to force them to adhere to.... or prove a published retraction of that policy.

Toyworld/ToyKingdom (last updated JULY 2009)
- This is a franchise-based chain, so individual stores may have their own policies.
From the Brisbane CBD store - They would match a competitor's 'catalogue sale' price, but only on the first day of the sale, and they would still need to check if it is in stock. Because they assume that the competitor would sell out within the first day, and are not wanting to waste time ringing up stores just to be told they don't have any stock left.
(if you have any "official" Policies quoted from a store, please post it up here)

David Jones (last updated JANUARY 2013)
- As of 2013, DJs no longer stocks Transformers toys.
As for toys in general, it looks to be easier to get a Price-Match if the item is listed on the competitor's website.

Our Promise is to offer competitive prices and match those of Australian retails stores and their online sites. Should you find a lower price for the same product elsewhere, we'll happily match it. Price Matching only takes place where the product is identical and any offers made by David Jones in respect of the product are also identically available from our competitor at the competitor's price for a product in stock a their store or on their website. The David Jones Price Promise does not extend to stand-alone online retailers, auctions, fire or liquidation sales, rack clearance and warehouse outlets.
(image submitted by Jaydisc)

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