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After giving it some thought, I've decided to go bare minimum and sell off:

Evil Lynn
Palace Guards

I need to ask $45 on the individual figures and $70 on the Palace guards to roughly break even.

Short of another car engine disaster, my gf should be able to bring them all up to the coast this w/e if people wanted to move pretty quickly on them (if you're readng this tets, I'll have that shipping quote worked out for you on your 200x stuff this weekend too touch wood).

EDIT: It would be great if I knew what was happening with these by Thursday night if people are interested (even if it's a strong possible) as they need to come up with my girlfriend from Canberra so that I can pack them and ship them off where need be (all my shipping boxes and padding from hauls are up here on the Central Coast).

Otherwise, it might be a few weeks before I could swing shipping (don't like taking boxed stuff back and forth by public transport in case it gets damaged).

EDIT 2: at the risk of openning myself up to haggling on the other stuff; unlike everything else, I got Buzz-Off through Matty Collector rather than the secondary market and so I could do him for $35.

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