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Thread: Movie Review - TF5 The Last Knight

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    Quote Originally Posted by KingGrimlock View Post
    My guess is it doesnt necessarily allow him to control the dragon, merely to signal the other cybertronian knights that he was chosen and worthy to listen too and that they shouldnt kill him.
    I assumed that's what the breastplates were for. I don't think that these knights are that stupid, are they?

    Anyway, here's my thoughts on the rest of the film...
    • Viviane's mother and aunts bugging her to find a partner - utterly pointless. Adds nothing and wastes screen time.

    • How was Viviane able to smash through Hot Rod's window with a polo club?! The first movie established that Cybertronians are shielded (and only high energy things like Sabot rounds can penetrate it) - and we've seen other Transformers take an incredible amount of punishment that would wreck ordinary vehicles (collisions, falls etc.). Huh?

    • Viviane hopes that she's been abducted by one of the "famous ones" like Soundwave or Shockwave. How the hell does she know who they are? How are there famous ones at all? This isn't Deadpool.

    • Why would Lord Folgarn allow a demented Autobot (Bulldog) to keep live ammunition? What if he'd actually hit Cade and killed him? He could've had Cogman remove that ammo or otherwise disable his weapons.

    • Folgarn recognises Bumblebee from his childhood but Bumblebee doesn't recognise Folgarn. It'd be interesting if the upcoming Bumblebee movie were to show this, even if briefly. e.g. a quick flashback to Bumblebee working with an older Witwiccan with little boy Folgarn in the background -
      that would explain why Folgarn would remember 'Bee but not vice versa

    • Why is Cade so impatient with Folgarn? He just flew across the Atlantic... where's he gonna go?

    • Oh look, more casual racism with mocking Hot Rod's French accent and Cade and Viviane having a go at each other for being different nationalities.

    • Viviane seems awfully calm when Cogman jumps on Cade! I get that Folgarn may have seen this before, but why isn't it freaking Viviane out?
      Not even a gasp. Should someone check her for a pulse?

    • Folgarn says that Cogman is a Headmaster. This adds to the theory that he was meant to be a Headmaster and that the Aston Martin car that he initially drives was his Transtector (the toy design team have referred to it as a Transtector). We know that Nitro's head is removable and compatible with a Titan Master - so the theory is that Cogman was meant to remove the head and hijack Nitro Zeus' body as his Transtector. This would have been awesome to see but a shame that it was omitted. I suspect that it would've happened during the Stonehenge fight.

    • Old photos in Folgarn's castle showing that the Transformers have been on Earth for ages. These include:
      * Ironhide (with GM Topkick kibble!) towing tall sail ships.
      * Hound with George Washington's forces
      * Optimus Prime standing in the middle of a crowd of fighting British musketeers. Note that it is basically this image but with Optimus Prime's Dark of the Moon stomach and a cannon added to his shoulder.
      * Drift and another Samurai looking Autobot with other Samurai. Drift has his car grill even though this photo couldn't have been taken any later than 1877. The CGI on these Autobots are like... G2 intro level of quality. Beast Wars looks so much better. I get that they didn't want to spend a lot of money on a split second shot, but at least blur the image to hide the cheap CGI!
      * Ironhide, again with his GM Topkick robot form, walking with WWI or WWII soldiers (they're in silhouette so I couldn't tell).
      * Bulldog is seen in good condition with WWI soldiers - finally a picture that makes sense!
      * A photo dated 1901 showing Hot Rod in his current Lamborghini robot mode! Didn't he just acquire that like half an hour prior to this scene (delivering Viviane to the castle)? And pretty sure that they didn't have Lamborghini Centenarios in 1901. Also, we see Hot Rod transform into a WWII German personnel carrier truck in the WWII flashback - about forty years after that photo.

    • Sam's mugshot - lol

    • WWII flashback - we finally see Bumblebee as a Volkswagen!

    • Cade quoting Arthur C Clarke's third law to Viviane was pretty cool and I like how it explains that Cybertronian technology contributed to the origins of magic/sorcery. It's similar to how the Decepticon Pretenders in Masterforce were the origins of human monster stories

    • Why would the Knights exclusively use melee weapons (swords)? These are advanced space-faring alien robots. I don't object to Transformers using melee weapons per se, clearly they're tough enough to keep fighting even after being shot half the time, but sure the melee weapon should be a secondary weapon with a gun as their primary weapon. We saw this in previous films, like how Optimus Prime has those forearm thermal blades, but he still has flip out guns. Guns are better than swords! Volcanus has guns. Be like Volcanus.

    • Cogman trying to make the moment more epic -- okay, this is actually a genuinely funny joke! And unlike some of the other poor attempts at humour it's not crude and it importantly it doesn't interrupt the narrative flow. The story doesn't stall to deliver this joke. Instead, the joke just runs with the film. That's how jokes should be delivered. It's a well timed joke and it was brief. Much like the "tighter shirt" joke from Revenge of the Fallen. It's a good way to break tension without stopping the narrative.

    • Theeen the story becomes completely stalled to make fun of Cade's chastity. *sigh* This is exactly how you don't deliver a joke in a film.
      It really serves no purpose and the story drags to a halt to tell it. And it also reeks of that ridiculous macho attitude that somehow being chaste makes a person less worthy than someone who's intimately active. *sigh*

    • Folgarn reads a quote in Olde Cybertronian which Cade heard the Knight in Chicago say just once and Cade recognises that line! Huh---how?! Imagine if a complete stranger fell over and you helped him up, then he said something to you in a language that you've never heard before. Then days later someone else says that exact line again in that language... how would you recognise it? It could've been in Old Pict for all he knew. Cade constantly makes casual racist remarks towards other humans but suddenly he can recognise dead Cybertronian tongue when he hears it?

    • The staff is the reason that the Transformers keep coming to Earth?
      Really? Not... the AllSpark Cube? Or the Solar Harvester? Or Sentinel Prime's Space Bridge? How do these all even tie in with the staff?

    • When TRF & MI6 arrive, why doesn't Hot Rod stay behind and keep re-zapping them with his time gun? That would eliminate the need for a dangerous chase and potential mission failure.

    • It's cool and funny how Simmons has returned in this film to provide exposition... entirely over the telephone. That giant Cuban flag on the wall behind Simmons... in case you didn't get the point that he's in Cuba

    • The scene where Cade and Viviane are ransacking her father's study and the aunts and mother mistake them for having a raunchy hanky panky session - see, that's also funny and it doesn't stall the narrative. The story keeps apace (because they need to find her father's secret message) but also delivers some cheeky humour. And this scene would have been just as funny without the previous scene of her relos harassing her about finding a partner.
      They think they're getting it on and then want to spy - that's the funny part and that's all you need.

    • Simmon's "dissolving scrotums" line... cos jokes about balls never get old, right?

    • Wait... how can continental drift displace Unicron's horns? The Earth is pretty much like a shell for Unicron and until Cybertron's approach, those horns were retracted. So... how? And even if they could, wouldn't that mess up Unicron? Cos if those horns were initially part of his maw, then he's incredibly deformed and mangled now!

    • "British TRF!" - okay, this answers my previous question about the international jurisdiction of TRF. So evidently they are able to operate with different global branches in any country where they have a presence, which is apparently anywhere but Cuba. Wow... North Korea TRF?

    • Barricade is chasing Bumblebee in London still scanned as an American police car and nobody from MI6 or TRF noticed? Why didn't he scan a British police car to blend in better? The MPS' motto is "Total Policing," so I guess Barricade's version might be, "Total Punishing" or "Total Enslaving." Plus it'd give Hasbro a reason to sell another Barricade toy

    • It would've been neat to actually see the HMS Alliance jump its moors.
      Or ya know... transform (especially after docking with the Knights' ship)

    • Why would Cogman refer to the Alliance as an alien ship? It's a fellow Transformer like him!

    • The Alliance vs nuclear sub undersea fight was pretty damn cool to watch!

    • Did Folgarn seriously expect to walk in through the main entrance of 10 Downing Street demanding to see the PM? Then he gets irate when they don't let him (how dare they do their jobs!) and he even swears at a bobby! They should've arrested him!

    • Cogman claims to serve Cade and Viviane "sushi." It's actually sashimi.
      And where did he get the vegetables and garnish from? Or a really sharp knife.

    • Seeing Cybertron colliding with the ISS and even the crew aboard looking out the window as Cybertron approaches, with everyone being helpless to save them... damn!! The astronauts all reacted fairly calmly to their impending doom, but believe it or not that's fairly realistic. Astronauts are very highly professionally trained and don't crack under pressure. The Apollo 13 mission is a good example of this. The movie shows the crew freaking out and getting all emotional, which was done for dramatic purposes, but if you listen to the real recordings of the transmissions the crew were actually totally calm and collected. Believe it or not, astronauts actually train for really messed up scenarios.

    • The writing on the Round Table is in Olde Cybertronian, but the writing found inside the Knights' ship is in Celtic?!

    • One dead Knight in Chicago and a few more taken out during the fight inside the ship. After this scene we only ever see 8 Knights, yet it's still enough to merge and form Dragonstorm. So, uh... huh? Does that make the other four back up members that weren't crucial to forming Dragonstorm?
      And what luck that these expendable Knights were the ones who were taken out.

    • The Knights' ship surfaces very quickly from the ocean depths to the surface. How did all the humans not get affected by decompression sickness? How are they even still conscious?!?

    • Bumblebee vs Nemesis Prime -- why didn't Bumblebee disconnect and reconnect parts of himself during the fight to gain an upper hand like he did against TRF? It would've made it impossible for Nemesis Prime to ever pin him down. At the end of the fight we see Bumblebee's ripped off parts reconnecting with him! So he clearly still has this ability.

    • What's the deal with Bumblebee's voice? Has he lost it or is it back?
      Or does it just come back when it's convenient? Oh, and apparently just hearing it was enough to snap Optimus Prime out of Quintessa's stupor. Sure, why not. SAVE... MARTHA!

    • Why would the Knights want to kill Optimus Prime when he was enslaved by Quintessa as Nemesis Prime? As former Knights of Quintessa you think that they'd be aware of her powers. Why didn't Optimus Prime explain to them that he was under Quintessa's control? Or was he not? Did Quintessa simply strip him of his moral code but otherwise didn't directly control him? (similar to what BM Megatron did to Silverbolt and Rhinox) --
      it'd be good if the film could briefly explain this. Maybe if they spent less time making scrotum jokes.

    • Megatron rips the staff out of Optimus Prime's chest, but later his chest is A-Okay!

    • Optimus Prime refers to the Knights as "my brothers." Does he meant this literally or figuratively/collectively? Because these Knights should be way older than Optimus Prime who we know isn't one of the Original Primes or is necessarily even that old (by Cybertronian standards). He wasn't even Prime when the Autobot-Decepticon war broke out, Sentinel Prime was Autobot leader until the Ark was lost. These Knights may be just as old if not older than the Original 13 Primes. Would the Dinobots know who these Knights are? Are the Dinobots Knights that are as old as these Knights, or did they come later? Optimus Prime told the Dinobots to "recognise one of their own,"
      so does that mean that Optimus was a Dinobot? Or is it again just figurative and saying that they're part of the same club (Knights)? Does this mean that Sentinel Prime was a Knight? I... I...

    • The loss of Earth's electromagnetic field wouldn't make everything on it explode like popcorn in a microwave (wow, Michael Bay is really obsessed with explosions). A lot of technology would be messed up and over a long time we would start experiencing higher rates of diseases due to higher exposure to cosmic radiation. This would take years. And decades or possibly centuries later, we would eventually lose our atmosphere and oceans. This is what happened to Mars. It used to have oceans and an atmosphere until it lost half of its magnetic field. So yeah, the Earth would be screwed,
      but not as quickly or as dramatically as the JPL guy is suggesting.

    • Why does Folgarn stand idly after shooting Megatron and the fight between the Decepticons and the British Army started? It would've been cool to see Cogman decapitate Nitro Zeus and drive the Decepticons away before disconnected and rushing to Folgarn's side. No?

    • Interesting to see that the Knights are not Autobots. Makes sense as if they are incredibly ancient that they would have existed and left Cybertron long before the Cybertronian wars started.

    • Optimus Prime didn't react to seeing his Autobots after his long sojourn into space and stuff. Can't blame Hound for feeling a bit dejected.

    • Folgarn telling Cogman to "carry on" with his dying breath is obviously a part of the British "stiff upper lip" culture, but was inspired by a similar attitude in Ancient Greece as Spartans also practised this as part of their beliefs in discipline and self-sacrifice. No sacrifice, no victory!

    • Bits of Cybertron start falling to Earth and everyone's running. Running.
      Did the Autobots forget that they can transform into cars? :/ IDW'd!

    • Viviane comparing the TRF soldiers with the knights of Camelot, cos no sacrifice, no... okay, we get the point

    • I really liked the part where Cade tells the TRF guys that, unlike them, he never lost faith in Optimus Prime. It's something that many of us can relate to as life-long collectors of Transformers who've never stopped collecting. We never lost faith in the franchise even in its darkest moments (e.g. late 1980s to mid-1990s). Right in the feels. <sniff>

    • The aerial fight between RAF fighters, Ospreys and Dragonstorm against the Decepticon fighters was pretty intense, as well as the ospreys' crash landing outside the Ignition Chamber.

    • They said that the air up there was so thin that it proved problematic for the ospreys to fly... so... how is it breathable?

    • Couldn't Hound have lobbed a grenade at that auto-gun? When Bumblebee arrived couldn't he have disassembled and swarmed onto that gun from multiple angles? When Hot Rod arrived, couldn't have have stopped the time on the gun? Oh no... let Sqweeks handle it so that he can justify his otherwise completely useless appearance in this film. "Hooray, I'm useful!"
      Sqweeks: the Autobot equivalent of Zoidberg

    • Sqweeks doesn't say the F-word. Believe me, I was listening out for all the swear words in a film that really has waaay too many. But this wasn't one of them.

    • Optimus Prime tells Volcanus, "Did you forget who I am?" --- uh... why should Volcanus know who he is? They met like once before when he arrived on Cybertron and was quickly subdued by Quintessa. Geez, get over yourself.

    • The humans' attempt to sever the Ignition Chamber, while ultimately futile, was a logical strategic step from the humans' POV. It was an interesting way to up the plot complication by creating a reason to remove almost all of the Autobots' human allies off the island in a way that felt believable

    • When trying to break into the Ignition Chamber why doesn't Hot Rod stop the time? They're being pinned down by enemy fire. Stop the time!

    • How weak are Hound's bullets?!? He fires a whole heap of them at Megatron inside a time dilation bubble, but when they hit him they just...
      make him fall down? Optimus Prime deals more damage with his hands and a kick. What's the point of having firearms that are weaker than your fists?
      The guns from the earlier films dealt out way more damage.

    • The Ignition Chamber's free-fall scene looked really cool.

    • When Optimus Prime's hands reach into the time bubble to grab Cade and Viviane out, his hands are moving faster than they are falling.

      IDW's Lost Light series showed a more realistic depiction of time dilation with its time-displacement cell (where Overlord was imprisoned). Hound's bullets can't fly any faster but Prime's hands can. Okay.

    • As they escape the Ignition Chamber this is the only time that we see Optimus Prime in truck mode in the entire film.

    • I like the moral of the story that Optimus Prime delivers in his epilogue:
      We can all be heroes if we have the courage to try.

    • Cade refers to Izabela as "Bro." Umm...

    • Optimus Prime summons more Autobots to Earth. Again. But maybe they've always been on Earth! Cos Hound and Drift and Hot Rod have... nnnyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

    • The credit scene where we see Quintessa in human disguise is the first time that a Cybertronian's voice actor/actress (in this case Gemma Chan) has appeared on film as themselves. It'd be neat if in a future movie we could see Peter Cullen and/or Frank Welker making Stan Lee-style cameo appearances. Especially if Cullen could be Optimus Prime's holographic driver (which was the case in the IDW movie comic universe). If Megatron decided to become an Earth vehicle again he could have Welker as the holographic pilot or driver. Even if his face is obscured by a helmet it'd still be cool to know that it's him (similar with say Daniel Craig's appearance in The Force Awakens).

    And that's it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoktimusPrime View Post
    • Is Lennox TRF or US Army? He wears both uniforms in different scenes.
      What is the chain of command between TRF and the Army? Cos they often bicker like children... which doesn't bloody happen in the military or a military alliance.
    Do you even watch the movie? Or just the parts you want to pick on? They clearly have Morshower tell Lennox to "continue his covert infiltration of TRF".

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    Not a very good film at all and this is coming from someone who thought AoE, despite all it's rough edges, was a step in the right direction for the franchise. Sadly this film has proved that to be completely wrong.

    Cogman is the best thing about the film.

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    While i find these long nit-picking critiques a bit groan inducing I do also wonder why is anyone not asking some of these questions during production and if they are, what are the answers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by philby View Post
    While i find these long nit-picking critiques a bit groan inducing I do also wonder why is anyone not asking some of these questions during production and if they are, what are the answers?
    I imagine the answer would have been, "you're fired".
    It comes down to how flexible the director is with their vision... and the only people who can overrule a director is the movie studio. Since Paramount and Hasbro were desperately needing Bay, they wouldn't have done anything to risk having him quit.
    (Usually if a director has their work changed/shortened by a studio they will either refuse to be credited for it or produce a director's cut.)

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    Finally got around to seeing this and while I don't regret wasting the hours of my life it took to watch it (like ROTF and the others), this is by no means a good film.

    There's a lot more to like in this over other Transformers films, so that was a plpeasent surprise, but as a film by itself its a solid
    from me. Now that I've seen it, I don't have to worry about it any more.

    In a way it kind of show that Bay just isn' progressing as a director. The narrative is choppily chucked together, he stilll uses many filters and panning shot and the action scenes are jumpy and sometimes hard to tell what's going on. Also he has a serious hard on for people sliding around. How many scenes were there where we just watched people slide on the floor? I can think of at least three.

    The biggest annoyance I found with the film though was there was so many extra scenes that could have been cut and no one would have cared. Gok mentioned one, and really, even though the WW2 bit was cool, it coulda been dropped and changed.

    While I'm glad I've seen it, I won't bother watching it again.

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    Watched my blu ray copy last night, making this my second viewing having watched it at the cinema. In my initial review here I rated it 3rd out of the series, ahead of AOE and ROTF. I also said I heard it holds up better on the second viewing.

    Well sadly I need to revise down my overall view of the movie. I now rank it below AOE because I'm happy to rewatch that whereas I liked this even less on the second viewing. I was bored for various parts of the film. Never felt any real excitement / emotion that I did in the other films (eg Dinobots hero sequence in AOE, Ironhide dying in DOTM, Autobots returning in DOTM, Optimus transforming for the first time in the original).
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    I’ve seen it 3 times now but from now on, I’d like to only watch the scenes with ‘C3PO’ in them. He was very funny.

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    I was watching the 4K version on my TV and holy crap Mark Wahlberg looked so orange with his spray on tan

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