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    Default animated Sentinel Magnus

    With the passing of Ultra Magnus, Sentinel Prime seized the reins of power. Hoping to carry over the mantle of authority Ultra had, Sentinel re-used parts of his armor.... however, Ultra's vocal circuitry remained intact and now Sentinel finds himself speaking in his former leader's voice. His fellow Autobots find it most disconcerting to hear Sentinel's ramblings in their beloved former leader's voice....

    This was a TFA Ultra Magnus I repainted into Onslaught initially (it's on the boards somewhere). I grew disenchanted with it and decided to make something better. I always thought Magnus' shoulders were like Sentinel's, so I gave him an upgrade.
    Let's see.... I cut off the cannons and took apart the head. Doing that while keeping the neckpiece intact was a real pain. I made a new neck joint out of a Robot Heroes joint and jammed a spare Sentinel head on there.
    And despite all the wire cutting and remolding the voice chip still works!
    I did think of just painting the front cab orange but believed it would look too much like Roadbuster Magnus.
    My one regret is painting over the orange chevrons on the forearms when I turned it into Onslaught.

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    that's great! I don't understand why the head doesn't look too small. perhaps it's your brilliant backstory. It would irritate sentinel sooo much to not be able to use his own voice.
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    Pure genius!!

    Bravo good sir!
    Dovie'andi se tovya sagain

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