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Thread: Second half 2010 - Hasbro AUS checklist

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    Default Second half 2010 - Hasbro AUS checklist

    This is a list of Transformers toys by Hasbro during the second half of 2010, with release status in Australia, and expected releases.

    For items during 2008-2009 - go to this checklist.

    This list will only cover items officially revealed by Hasbro or official pics of the toys, or even in-package images that verify its existence.

    Release dates are when items are expected to be widely available in America, and should be used as a guide only for Australia. All future dates and details can change at any time.

    HERE = Found at a major chain in Australia.
    OUT = Released globally, but not yet found here (if to be released here at all).
    NOT HERE = Released in other countries, but not expected here.

    Autobot Alliance Generations (all Deluxe size - US$13)
    - - Wave 1 (June) HERE
    Cybertronian Bumblebee (New Auto)
    Cybertronian Optimus (New Auto)
    Drift (New Auto)
    Thrust (Retool Decep)
    - - Wave 2 (July) HERE
    Cybertronian Megatron (New Decep)
    Darkmount (New Decep)
    - - Wave 3 (Aug) HERE
    Cybertronian Soundwave (New Decep)
    Red Alert (Redeco Auto)
    - - Wave 4 (Sept) HERE
    Dirge (Retool Decep)
    Blurr (Retool Auto)
    - - Wave 5 (Nov) HERE
    Thunderwing (New Decep)
    (WFC) Cliffjumper (Retool Auto)
    Skullgrin (Retool Decep)
    - - Wave 6 (Jan) OUT
    Scourge (New Decep)
    Sergeant Kup (New Auto)

    Autobot Alliance/Hunt for the Decepticons (Changes to Reveal the Shield from November)

    Legends (US$5)
    - - Wave 1 (June) HERE
    Fireblast Optimus Prime (Redeco Auto)
    Cyberfire Bumblebee (Redeco Auto)
    Ravage (New Decep)
    Rampage (New Decep)
    - - Wave 2 (July) HERE
    Long Haul (New Decep)
    Sandstorm (Redeco Auto)
    Override (Redeco Decep)
    Tracker Hound (Redeco Auto)
    -- Wave 3 (Sept) OUT
    Duststorm (Redeco Decep)
    Tuner Skids (Redeco Auto)
    - - Wave 4 (Nov) Reveal the Shield Wave 1 HERE
    Gen1 Optimus Prime (New Auto)
    Gen1 Bumblebee (Gold redeco)
    Gen1 Starscream (New Decep)
    Gen1 Megatron (New Decep)
    - - Wave 5 (Jan) Reveal the Shield Wave 2 HERE
    Gen1 Prowl (New Auto)
    Trailcutter (New Auto)

    Scout (US$8)
    - - Wave 1 (June) HERE
    Hubcap (New Auto)
    Brimstone (New Decep)
    Crankstart (Redeco Decep)
    Backfire (Redeco Auto)
    - - Wave 2 (July) HERE
    Insecticon (New Decep)
    Breacher (New Auto)
    Oil Pan (Redeco Decep)
    - - Wave 3 (Sept) HERE
    Firetrap (Redeco Auto)
    Sunspot (Redeco Decep)
    - - Wave 4 (Nov) Reveal the Shield Wave 1 HERE
    Windcharger (New Auto)
    Chopsaw (redeco Decep)

    Deluxe (US$13)
    -- Wave 1 (June) HERE
    Ironhide (New Auto)
    Jetblade (Redeco Decep)
    Ravage (Redeco Decep)
    Battleblade Bumblebee (New Auto)
    -- Wave 2 (July) HERE
    Sidearm Sideswipe (New Auto)
    Hailstorm (New Decep)
    Tuner Skids (Redeco Auto)
    Elita-1 (Redeco Auto)
    -- Wave 3 (Aug) HERE
    Tomohawk (New Auto)
    Terradive (New Decep)
    Electrostatic Jolt (Redeco Auto)
    -- Wave 4 (Sept) HERE
    Rescue Ratchet (Redeco Auto)
    Axor (Retool Decep)
    - - Wave 5 (Nov) Reveal the Shield Wave 1 HERE
    Mindset (Retool Decep)
    Fallback (Retool Auto)
    Special Ops Jazz (New Auto)
    Turbo Tracks (New Auto)
    - - Wave 6 (Jan) Reveal the Shield Wave 2 HERE
    Perceptor (New Auto)
    Wreck-Gar (New Auto)
    Bumblebee (redeco Auto)
    Optimus Prime Gen2 (New Auto)

    Voyager (US$20/23)
    - - Wave 1 (June) HERE
    Seaspray (New Auto)
    Black Ops Ratchet (Redeco Auto)
    Payload (Redeco Decep)
    - - Wave 2 (July) HERE
    Battleblades Optimus Prime (New Auto)
    Banzaitron (Redeco Decep)
    - - Wave 3 (Sept) OUT
    Highbrow (New Auto)
    The Fallen (Retool Decep)
    - - Wave 4 (Nov) Reveal the Shield Wave 1 HERE
    Solar Storm Grappel (Retool Auto)
    Lugnut (New Decep)
    Strafe (redeco Auto)
    - - Wave 5 (Jan) Reveal the Shield Wave 2 OUT
    Deep Dive (redeco Auto)

    Leader (US$45)
    - - Wave 1 (June) HERE
    Starscream (New Decep)
    Optimus Prime (Retool Auto)

    Battle Ops Bumblebee (US$60 - June) HERE

    Human Alliance (US$30)
    - - Wave 6 (June) HERE
    Autobot Jazz w/ Captain Lennox
    Bumblebee w/ Sam Witwicky (re-release w/ redeco figurine)
    - - Wave 7 (Oct) HERE
    Sideswipe (black redeco) w/ Mikaela (new version, replacing Epps)

    Activators (US$10)
    - - Wave 1 (June) HERE
    Optimus Prime (New Auto)
    Megatron (New Decep)
    Bumblebee (New Auto)
    - - Wave 2 (July) OUT
    Starscream (New Decep)
    Ironhide (New Auto)
    - - Wave 3 (Dec) OUT
    Rally Rumble Bumblebee (redeco Auto)
    Rally Rumble Optimus Prime (redeco Auto)

    Powerbots (US$23) (June) HERE
    Optimus Prime (New Auto)
    Stealth Bumblebee (Redeco Auto)

    Roleplay (US$20) (June) NOT HERE
    Optimus Prime Cyber Sword

    Power Core Combiners

    2-packs (US$10)
    - - Wave 1 (June) HERE
    Huffer w/ Caliburst (New Auto)
    Searchlight w/ Backwind (New Auto)
    Smolder w/ Chopster (New Decep)
    - - Wave 2 (July) HERE
    Leadfoot w/ Pinpoint (New Auto)
    Sledge w/ Throttler (New Decep)
    Icepick w/ Chainclaw (New Decep)
    - - Wave 3 (Oct) HERE
    Windburn w/ Darkray (Redeco)
    Darkstream w/ Razorbeam (Redeco)
    Steelshot w/ Beacon (Redeco)
    - - Wave 4 (Dec) HERE
    Heavy Tread w/ Groundspike (New Autobot)
    Skyhammer w/ Airlift (New Decep)

    5-packs (US$20)
    - - Wave 1 (June) HERE
    Bombshock w/ Combaticons (New Decep)
    Skyburst w/ Aerialbots (New Auto)
    - - Wave 2 (July) HERE
    Double Clutch w/ Rallybots (New Auto)
    Mudslinger w/ Destructicons (New Decep)
    - - Wave 3 (Oct) HERE
    Stakeout w/ Protectobots (Redeco Auto)
    Crankcase w/ Destrons (Redeco Decep)
    - - Wave 4 (Dec) HERE
    Steamhammer w/ Constructicons (New Decep)
    Grimstone w/ Dinobots (New Auto)

    Speedstars (items and their order are contradicted on different Hasbro sources)

    Single Packs (US$3)

    Metal Heroes Series
    - - Wave 1 (July) HERE
    1 Bumblebee
    2 Jetfire
    3 Optimus Prime
    4 Soundwave
    5 Highway Patrol Barricade
    6 Ironhide
    - - Wave 2 (Aug) HERE
    7 Sideswipe
    - - Wave 3 (Sept)
    8 Lockdown

    N.E.S.T. Global Alliance Series
    - - Wave 1 (July) HERE
    - - Wave 2 (Aug) HERE
    Optimus Prime

    Stunticon Series
    - - Wave 2 (Aug) HERE
    1 Bumblebee
    - - Wave 3 (Sept)
    2 Barricade
    - - Wave 4 (Oct)
    3 Axor/Axel
    4 Optimus Prime

    Cyberhunt Series
    - - Wave 2 (Aug) HERE
    1 Bumblebee
    - - Wave 3 (Sept)
    2 Optimus Prime
    - - Wave 5 (Nov)
    3 Starscream
    - - Wave 6 (Dec)
    4 Barricade

    Robot Riders Series
    - - Wave 2 (Aug)HERE
    1 Sideswipe
    - - Wave 4 (Oct)
    2 Megartron
    - - Wave 6 (Dec)
    3 Bumblebee

    Revealers Series (Originally called Outsiders)
    - - Wave 2 (Aug) HERE
    1 Ironhide
    - - Wave 3 (Sept)
    2 Bumblebee
    - - Wave 5 (Nov)
    3 Barricade

    Road Assault Series (Originally called Allspark and Road Attack)
    - - Wave 2 (Aug) HERE
    1 Starscream
    - - Wave 3 (Sept)
    2 Bluestreak
    - - Wave 6 (Dec)
    3 Brakedown

    Double Siders Series
    - - Wave 4 (Oct)
    1 Bumblebee
    - - Wave 5 (Nov)
    2 Drift
    - - Wave 6 (Dec)
    3 Wildrider

    2-packs (US$6)

    Battle Series 2
    - - Wave 1 (Aug) OUT
    01 Sideswipe Vs Wreckloose
    02 Nightwatch Bumblebee Vs Patrol Barricade
    03 Optimus Prime Vs Bonecrusher
    - - Wave 2 (Oct)
    04 Optimus Prime Vs Desert Long Haul
    05 Jetfire Vs Megatron
    06 Ironhide Vs Mixmaster

    Trackset (US$25)
    Bumblebee (Vs Megatron) Track set (new) (Aug) OUT

    Stealth Force Motorcycles (manual conversion both ways) (US$7)
    - - Wave 1 (Nov?)
    High Wire (new Auto)
    Knock Out (new Auto)

    Stealth Force Basic (manual conversion both ways) (US$10)
    - - Wave 1 (Aug) HERE
    Bumblebee (new)
    Autobot Hound (new)
    Silverstreak (new)
    Soundwave (new)
    - - Wave 2 (Oct)
    Barricade (new)
    - - (2011)
    Big Hoss (new)
    Leadfoot (new)

    Stealth Force Deluxe (button activated auto-convertion in one direction, manual conversion back) (US$15)
    - - Wave 1 (Aug) HERE
    Megatron (new)
    Autobot Gears.
    - - Wave 2 (Oct)
    Inferno (new)

    Stealth Force Electronic (auto converts both ways electronically) (US$25)
    - - Wave 1 (Aug) HERE
    Optimus Prime (new)

    Lights & Sounds (US$10 - June/Aug) NOT HERE
    Optimus Prime (re-release)
    Bumblebee (re-release)
    Autobot Skids (new)

    Deluxe Lights & Sounds (US$20 - June/Aug) NOT HERE
    Bumblebee (new)

    Remote Controlled (US$30 - Aug) OUT
    Barricade (new)
    Bumblebee (redeco)


    Star Wars (Version 4 packaging - black/Legacy) (US$17)

    - - Wave 1 (July) HERE
    Yoda/Republic Attack Shuttle (new)
    Captain Rex/Freeco Speeder (new)
    Anakin Skywalker/Jedi Starfighter ep2 (no ring) (re-release)
    Darth Vader/TIE Advanced (re-release)
    Captain Rex/AT-TE (re-release)
    Anakin Skywalker/Y-Wing Bomber (re-release)

    - - Wave 2 (Aug) HERE
    Clone Gunner/Republic Fighter Tank (new)
    Cad Bane/Xanadu Blood (re-release)
    Commander Cody/Turbo Tank (re-release)
    Obi Wan Kenobi/Jedi Starfighter Ep2 (no ring) (re-release)

    - - Wave 3 (Nov) OUT
    Lieutenant Thire/Republic Attack Cruiser (new)
    Tank Gunner/Interceptor Tank (redeco/new head?)

    Marvel (Basic US$16/17 - Deluxe US$30)

    - - Wave 6 (June) OUT
    Ironman/car (new)
    Black Spiderman/car (redeco)
    Spiderman/car (re-release)
    Dark Spiderman/bike (re-release)
    Venom/car (re-release)

    - - Wave 6a (July) Walmart excl OUT
    (Iron Man 2 Concept Series wave)
    Ironman/4x4 (remould of the Captain America from wave 3)
    War Machine/jet (major redeco from the 2-pack combiner)
    Ironman/Jet (minor redeco from wave 1)
    Ironman/car (minor redeco from wave 6)

    - - Wave 7 (Nov) OUT
    Ghost Rider/Motorcycle (new)
    Spider-Man/helicopter (redeco)
    Iron Man/Jet (re-release)
    Iron Man/Car (re-release)
    Black Spider-Man/Car (re-release)

    Store Exclusives

    Mighty Muggs
    Prowl (SDCC/July - US$15) NOT HERE

    Gen1 Reissues
    Blaster w/ Steeljaw, Ramhorn, Eject (SDCC/July - US$50) NOT HERE
    Decepticon Piranacon (G1 Seacons) (Various/July - US$50) NOT HERE

    Autobot Alliance
    Highspeed Battle (Mudflap/Skids Vs Sideways) (Target/Jul - US$20) HERE Big W/Dec - AU$30
    Rotorwash Rumble (Arcee Vs Tailwhip) (Target/Jul - US$20) HERE Big W/Dec - AU$30
    Hunters Rumble (Sideswipe Vs Barricade) (Target/Jul - US$20) HERE Big W/Dec - AU$30
    Crash Landing Attack (Bumblebee Vs Thrust) (Target/Jul - US$20) HERE Big W/Dec - AU$30
    Bombing Run Battle (Bumblebee Vs Grindor) (Walmart/Aug - US$13/15) HERE Big W/Dec - AU$20
    Desert Ruins Brawl (Brawl Vs Jolt) (Walmart/Aug - US$13/15) HERE Big W/Dec - AU$20
    Masterpiece Grimlock (TRU/Aug - US$60/70) HERE TRU/Aug - AU$150
    Rampage Among the Ruins (Rampage & Ravage vs Bumblebee) (TRU/Aug - US$30/35) HERE TRU/Oct - AU$80
    Desert Decimation (Legends Ironhide, Ratchet, Brawl, Bonecrusher) (Various US/Sept - US$16) HERE Kmart/Aug - AU$25
    Victory of the Fallen 5-pack (Legends Optimus, Jetfire, Megatron, Fallen, Starscream) (Kmart/Sept - US$20/22) BigW/Dec - AU$20
    Battle Ops Bumblebee 3-pack (Gold redeco w/ Bbee & Mudflap) (Costco/Oct - US$60) HERE Costco/Oct - AU$65
    The Fury of Bonecrusher (Ironhide Vs Bonecrusher) (Walmart/Oct - US$30) HERE Target/Oct - AU$50
    Starscream's Assualt (Starscream Vs Mudflap) (Walmart/Oct - US$30) HERE Target/Oct - AU$50
    Constructicon Devastator (green, no purple) (TRU/Oct - US$30) HERE TRU/Sept - AU$80
    Sideways Sneak Attack (Legends Arcee, Elita-1, Chromia Vs Sideways) (Oct - US$20) ?
    Megatron Rising (Voy Megatron, Legends Mixmaster, Longhaul, Rampage, Scrapper) (Oct - US$35) NOT HERE
    Ravage Sneak Attack (Ravage Vs Autobot Flak, Rollbar, Figurines) (Target/Oct? - US$??) NOT HERE
    Blue Maximus Vs Crosshairs (redeco D Vs A Scouts) (Cancelled?) NOT HERE
    Undertow Vs Drydock (redeco D Vs A Scouts) (Cancelled?) NOT HERE

    Power Core Combiners
    Skyburst & Searchlight (bonus pack) (TRU/Oct - US$20) HERE TRU/Oct - AU$40

    Cybertronian Ironhide (TRU/Aug - US$13) NOT HERE
    Animated Rodimus Minor (TRU/Aug - US$13) NOT HERE

    Asian Hasbro Exclusives
    Optimus Prime & Jetfire 2-pack HERE Kmart/July - AU$169
    Human Alliance Bumblebee (alt packaging) HERE Kmart/July - AU$49
    Human Alliance Skids (alt packaging) HERE Kmart/July - AU$35
    Human Alliance Sideswipe (alt packaging) HERE Kmart/July - AU$35
    FAB Rally Mudflap & Offroad Skids 2-pack HERE BigW/July - AU$28
    Voyager Optimus & Deluxe Bumblebee 2-pack HERE Target/Aug - AU$49

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    This took over 8 hours to do, so someone (other than me) had better use it...
    (now I gotta copy and edit in links for the Reviews section)

    Oh, and corrections and additions are welcome.

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    Thanks Griffin - have a free cookie.

    I'd put in the review links for you if i could

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    No cookies untill you finish your homework,,,,

    Tuner Skids was left out of HFTD Deluxes.....

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    The 'Riff


    It will be used, and is appreciated you put the time in to compile it. Now I can see the expected times I will need money for such things

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krayt View Post
    No cookies untill you finish your homework,,,,

    Tuner Skids was left out of HFTD Deluxes.....
    Surely I can be forgiven for forgetting that particular waste of plastic?

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    Great list and reference (and it will help me a lot when I prepare the Awards survey in a few months).

    I wonder if the $50 price for the Generations exclusives Brake-Neck, Drivetrain, Pan-Handler and Swashplate is correct? I thought those were Mini-cons?

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    Ah, a copy and paste from the Pirranacon line, but forgot to change the price.

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    Look at all of them. Love the list and will certainly put it to use. might print it off and use it as a current wants list

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    Thanks for all the effort griffin I regularly reference these lists.
    New Acquisitions:
    TR Astrotrain, Skullsmasher, & Hardhead
    Scouting For:
    G1 Boxes & Cardbacks
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