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Old 17th April 2019, 03:09 PM
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Originally Posted by griffin View Post
I went in today, and sure enough... there they were. (just not where they usually keep the more collectable items though)

Golden Lagoon 3-pack - $129 (a great price, as it would have cost about AU$115 in Japan when it was released, BEFORE shipping)
Golden Lagoon Starscream - $80 (not a great price, as it was originally about AU$55 on release... but might be a lot more on the secondary market by now)
(although, buying both together offsets one bad price with one great one)
Shadow Panther - $129 (it might be $19 more than what TRU were pre-selling theirs for before they went bust, but it would still be cheaper than importing one, as it was originally about AU$115 in Japan)

They still had about six of the 3-pack and about 10 of Starscream, and more Shadow Panthers than I could count, so they will probably be there for a while.
NOTE - these are NOT behind the front counter where they usually keep the rarer collectables... they are in the first aisle with the Model Kits.

Also at the Toyworld at Macgregor...
- wave 2 Ultimate Cyberverse Bumblebee - $60
- wave 2 POTP Deluxe (I saw Sludge, Snarl, Moonracer) - $35
- Siege w2 Micromasters - $22!!
- POTP Predaking has been moved to the regular Transformers section now, from behind the front counter.
- big restock of the TF5 TLK Deluxe wave 4 (with Cogman, Crosshairs, Strafe, Bbee and Barricade), for the "regular" $25.
Thanks for the info guys, picked up Shadow Panther yesterday arvo which as of 5:30pm then, they still had at least a dozen of as well as at least a dozen GL Starscreams but only three of the GL three packs.

Funny story...was having a chat to the the man working at the store about how the Shadow Panthers were originally TRU exclusives. He said he didn't know this and he also assumed the Shadow Panther and GL sets were model kits because they had been instructed by head office to put them with the Gundam models...

Image of shelf Here
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