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Old 12th March 2011, 06:36 PM
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Default New wave of Marvel Crossovers found (in US)

This would be the ninth wave of Marvel Crossovers, and since we only got the first 2 waves in Australia, this will only interest those who have been importing them.

Mid last year there was a Walmart exclusive wave, packaged as Iron Man 2 Transformers Crossovers (all four figures were Iron Man toys). Then late last year the next regular wave was packed as Marvel Universe Transformers Crossovers.

This next new wave, which no one knew was coming before they were found in Canadian stores the other day, are packed as Iron Man - Armored Avenger Transformers Crossovers. So far known are 3 Iron Man figures in this wave, with a gimmick of Glow in the Dark paint apps.
Being packaged with an Iron Man theme, I expect any additional figures in this wave would also be Iron Man, but doesn't appear to be store exclusive wave (that I can tell).

From our AUS checklist:

- - Wave 8 (Mar)
(Iron Man - Armored Avenger wave)
Iron Man/Flying Wing (redeco w/ glow-paint)
War Machine/Car (redeco w/glow-paint)
Iron Man/4X4 (redeco? w/ glow-paint?)

There was supposed to be another Deluxe combiner 2-pack in the works, with Iron Man and War Machine, so if it does end up getting released, it would probably have the same packaging theme as Wave 8.
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