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Old 9th September 2017, 08:11 AM
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Default HasCon 2017 early photos and Transformers news

HasCon 2017 has now kicked off in America (Rhode Island), and photos have been posted up of the convention centre, the set-up, and of various Transformers items found about the place.

Outside the convention centre before the show started.

Inside, looking over the Transformers exhibit before people were let in.

The program guide had a mini-comic in it that included some Transformers characters.

The Arcee & Ultra Magnus exclusive toy (limit of 2 per person).
There is also the Battery Pack Optimus - pics to come when I find them.

The Transformers product Panel was first, and is already covered here.

A display case of prototypes and unproduced Transformers can be seen here (it also includes the POTP toys revealed at SDCC).

The Villains Panel was next, but yet to be posted up in full.

One of the Hasbro Tours has just begun, so there is likely to be photos and details from that one as well. (probably not as extensive as the tour in 2007, as it will need to cover all their brands, and may not focus too much on just Transformers)
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Old 9th September 2017, 08:27 AM
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The Villains panel... with a cut-and-paste from Ben Yee's Twitter feed.

The first half was just the different designers and Hasbro people talking about their favourite evil Transformers, but the second half was more informative, giving us some more insight into the development of Beast Wars in the mid 1990s.

John Warden is introducing the villains panel.
John introducing: David Erwin, Matt Clark, Mikeial Houser, Chris Mowry, Michael kelly & Vinnie D'Aleva

The panel is to determine who the "worst villain" is.

Vinnie believes BW Megatron is the best villain.
Vinnie: BW was created to resurrect Transformers during the "dark times".
Vinnie: A fan of King Kong which led to the idea of a gorilla vs a dinosaur. Megatron was the perfect choice.
Vinnie: Megatron is a psychopath and a sociopath who acts smooth.
Vinnie: BW Megatron is more evil than G1 Megs partly because BW rebirthed Transformers.
Vinnie: Wearing a purple shirt in honor of BW Megatron.
Michael Kelly considers Shockwave the baddest Decepticon.
Kelly: Shockwave serves only logic which is terrifying.
Kelly: Shockwave has evolved over the years to become more evil. He created the "Dead Universe".
Kelly: Shockwave defeated all five Dinobots on his own.
Mowry: Predaking is made up of a group of vicious killers and maniacs who can combine their powers.
Houser: Loves Starscream. He's been Megatron's right hand but never a real focus until "Prime".
Houser: Starscream has an immortal Spark so he is unbeatable.
Clark: You want a villain who will hurt others and who you might even root for. Soundwave is his choice.
Clark: Soundwave blackmails others so he is very sinister and always has a plan.
Clark: Soundwave is most evil because he spies on *everybody*.
Erwin: Picks Devastator. Loves the name and considers him the most destructive.
Erwin: Devastator is all about destruction but can also build things (like weapons).

Vinnie: Nothing like having a big dinosaur head attacking. Megatron is not afraid to do his own dirty work.
Vinnie: Predaking would go down because Megatron would take him down at the heel.
Mowry: the Predacons have no known weakness combined.
Vinnie: They had to gang up to beat G1 Megatron.
Houser: Starscream had a keen fashion sense in "Prime" (he rocked high heels!)
Someone made the point that Frenzy and Rumble once brought Devastator down.
Some smack talk about Frenzy and Rumble being outdated because they're cassettes.
Warden: BW Megatron has controlled space/time and changed into a giant dragon.

Fan voting now (from the audience). Shockwave and Soundwave have gotten some cheers. Nothing for Predaking.
Starscream from Prime got a couple cheers.
Some cheers for Devastator.
Lots of cheers for BW Megatron.
BW Megatron wins!

Vinnie: Came to Hasbro to work on TFs. Worke don Micromasters, Powermasters etc.
Vinnie: Went to Joe, then returned to TFs.
Vinnie: A designer named Chris Gross came up with several iterations of TFs
Vinnie: Cheetor's prototype connected with kids.
Vinnie: Management didn't want to call Beast Wars.
Vinnie: Maximals and Predacons were used to distance themselves from the original line.
Vinnie: Coming up with Maximals was harder. Was inspired by a secretary's Nissan Maxima.
Vinnie: Gives a lot of credit to those who came after and how they have expanded the TF world.

Yoke-san in audience, asked if Yoketron could be a super hero? Big yes from the audience.

What was the inspiration behind BW to BM?
Vinnie: Was on through Beast Wars and then left before Beast Machines.
The transition was about getting to a broader story and evolution.
Vinnie: After about two years things get stale so change was needed.

Warden: How can we take something and flip it? ex: Nemesis Prime is a "flip" of Optimus Prime.

Warden: Hasbro is always listening to fandom online.

Vinnie: When thinking of new characters in BW they sculpted several and they had to divide them up.
Vinnie: Dinobot was originally created as a Predacon but had to be moved to balance out the line.

Panel is over!
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Old 10th September 2017, 01:09 PM
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More photos of the TR Arcee toy, giving us a good look at the new heads and newly sculpted parts.

The Hall of Fame awards have been given out...

- The Transformers winners were Galvatron (Favourite Transformers Character), Barricade (Favourite Movie character), TR Trypticon (Favourite toy of 2017).

- The Human inductees were Susan Blu (voice actor) and Lorenzo Di Bonaventura (Movie producer).
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Old 10th September 2017, 01:46 PM
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Today's Transformers events (Saturday)...

12PM - PETER AND FRANK SOUND OFF: The Voices of Optimus Prime & Megatron!
6:30PM - TRANSFORMERS: Special Dinner Event with Hall of Fame (VIP or Add-On Ticket Purchase Required)

The transcript from the Movie Panel, from Ben Yee's Twitter.

Aaron Sagers from Syfy is hosting this panel.

Behind the scenes clip playing showing action films being filmed.
LOTS of explosions!
Some amazing shots of how they get footage of vehicles moving through explosions.
Showing Michael Bay directing the kids from the beginning "No Man's Land" scene.
Showing Anthony Hopkins' last shot, crew applauding him.
Showing Bay thanking the crew at the finish of filming.

First on stage Brian Goldner (CEO of Hasbro).
Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura on stage.

Host: Film franchise is 10 years old now.
Goldner: Loves hearing from fans about fave characters, what they love etc.
Goldner: After 10 years this is still only the first couple of chapters.
Bonaventura: I'm exhausted! *laughs* Michael Bay has an incredible amount of energy.
Bonaventura: Tries to learn from feedback. Huge level of commitment to the story & characters.
Bonaventura: No matter where he goes people ask him about
Host: Fans are like a built in focus group.
Goldner: After movie 1 there was a USAToday poll about who people wanted to see. Dinobots won.
Host: Talk about transition from cartoons and toys to live action.
Goldner: We worked on G.I. Joe with Lorenzo first during a project called "The next soldier"
Goldner: Getting Steven Spielberg involved was critical.
Goldner: The "boy and his car" story was crucial for the first movie.
Bonaventura: About two years ago they decided to make the Bumblebee movie.
Bonaventura: Wanted to spend a lot of time with one character.
Bonaventura: We brought in Travis Knight known for Kubo & the 2 Strings.
Bonaventura: Filming is halfway done.
Bonaventura: Hailee Steinfeld latched onto the emotion of the film very quickly.
Goldner: The backyard scene in RotF where Sam leaves for college was a good emotional moment.
Bonaventura: Film is set in the 80's and the hair styles were SO distracting on set! *laughs*
Bonaventura: It is fun to explore different eras because it breaks out of routine.
Bonaventura: Bumblebee will feature very different action sequencing than the main films.
Goldner: This movie will allow us to tease out Bumblebee's more emotional side.
Moner: Found Hopkins and Wahlberg very welcoming on set. She was nervous at first.
Bonaventura: First rule on set for newbies - don't leave scripts around!
Moner: Scripts had to be shredded on set.
Moner: Read the script and fell in love with Izzy right away.
Moner: Thought that playing such a strong character would inspire kids.
Moner: Taped a sheet to the wall to do an audition video.
Bonaventura: She killed the self take. They almost cast someone else but the tape blew them away.
Bonaventura: 50-100 actresses auditioned for the role.
Goldner: In the junkyard scenes it was very hot outside but Moner was a pro.
Goldner: It was heartening to watch how hard the actors work.
Host: Do you feel there is a reception from young kids connecting to Izzy.
Moner: Yes. In a theater she saw the "like a girl" trailer...
Moner: ....someone was so excited they yelled out "Yes!"
Moner: Also met someone who was not into TFs but saw TLK because of Izzy.

Goldner: Favorite character is Optimus Prime.
Bonaventura: Loves Ironhide because that was his son's favorite character.
Moner: Unsure. Gives love to Sqweeks.

Host: Any interesting behind the scenes anecdotes?
Bonaventura: We had gotten them to close off a road near Buckingham Palace...
Bonaventura: We crashed a car into an ancient building and he was amazed it was allowed.
Bonaventura: In RotF, 6 F-15's came in and the vibrations knocked people to the ground.
Moner: Wahlberg was very protective of Moner and would stare down her male friends on set.

Host: Asking to talk about the writer's room.
Bonaventura: Expectation was not met but the result was extraordinary.
Bonaventura: This is a 6 billion year old mythology and there is a lot without explanation.
Bonaventura: The unexplained leaves a lot of room for stories to build up.
Bonaventura: The writer's room helped break out of a certain cycle of thinking.
Bonaventura: Replicating the same formula over and over can be dull.
Bonaventura: The future of the series is so large (time travel, history etc.)
Bonaventura: For Bumblebee we want to give the audience a lot of time with one character.
Goldner: Bay said he wanted to make the films "really real"
Goldner: Bay wanted people to look at every day cars and wonder if they were TFs.
Goldner: Wanted to explore why TFs are linked to humans.
Goldner: How do you take 30 years of history and 10 years of movies and have fun with that.
Goldner: Wants to make fans happy in a fun and inventive way.

Host: To Moner - does she wind up in conversations with lots of granular bits.
Moner: It's mostly people asking about behind-the-scenes or her fave TF.
Moner: Excited for Bumblebee and asked if there is another movie coming (the answer is of course, yes).
Host: What was the most challenging part of "The Last Knight"?
Moner: "I'm not as built as Mark Wahlberg." so running was taxing.
Moner: Acting against nothing was easy b/c only 5 yrs ago she was still imagining the floor is lava.
Moner: Was there from the day Sqweeks was a sketch. Bay asked her what her fave color was...
Moner: ...she said blue and that is the color he became. Now he's a superstar.

Host: Asking about Anthony Hopkins.
Bonaventura: Worked 2x with Hopkins. We are all in awe of him. He is the actor's actor.
Bonaventura: When he walks on set everything stops for a second (esp. the first time).
Bonaventura: Actors will forget lines because they are watching Hopkins act.
Moner: He's so nice too. The humor you see in the movie is improv and genuine.

Host: Wahlberg coming on stage!
Wahlberg surrounded by security, signed some autographs.
Wahlberg: Bay always wants to top himself.
Wahlberg: Giant chase with the drones was the hardest one to film.
Wahlberg: To Moner "She kept everyone's energy up."

Host: What sets TLK apart?
Wahlberg: It wanted to explore the mythology and added great new cast members.
Wahlberg: It was a fish out of water story too, bringing humor.
Wahlberg: Kids come up to him about Transformers.
Wahlberg: His kids liked it when "dad could just be dad".

Host: What keeps you coming back to these films?
Wahlberg: Bay allows him to make his characters his own. He enjoys working with Bay.
Wahlberg: TF also lets him reach an international audience.
Wahlberg: On Hopkins - he was such a sweet, enthusiastic and sharp guy.
Wahlberg: Hopkins was very sweet and down to earth.
Wahlberg: Bay is very specific. He wants comedic elements but everything is played very real.
Wahlberg: Bay makes sure the comedic actors still keep it real.
Panel is over! People are rushing at the actors.
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The remaining Saturday Transformers event - Peter Cullen and Frank Welker together on stage (transcript also from Ben Yee's twitter).

Ben Montano on stage introducing Peter and Frank.
Screen is showing us a recording session from #Transformers Prime featuring Peter as Optimus Prime.

Montano: How did the voice of Optimus Prime evolve?
Cullen: Great question (and I've answered it many times) *laughs*.
Cullen: G1 OP was described as a hero who was a truck. Talked to his brother Larry (a Marine)...
Cullen: Cullen's brother asked "How do you be a hero and a truck at the same time?"
Cullen: Brother told him to be strong enough to be gentle. A "real hero", not yelling all the time.
Cullen: When Cullen read a for the first time his brother's voice. He remembered his tone.
Cullen: Nailed the voice on the first try and kept going on. 3 weeks later he had the role.

Montano: Have you ever used "roll out" with a cabbie? Cullen: No, but he has! :oints at Welker::

Now showing Frank Welker in booth for Prime.
Montano: That laugh is very iconic (Megatron's). What was the inspiration for that?
Welker: Coming from a comedy side...I had to draw from bad experiences to find Megatron.
Welker: Describing how he transitioned from the G1 to Prime which was more "textured", more "human".
Welker: However the new voice and G1 combined for the voice.
Welker: At the studio for G1 they had pics of the character. Pics helped him get into character.
Cullen: In studio Welker could make distracting sounds that would sound like they came from the room.
Welker: Showing us his "electrocuted" sound to make the mic look like it wasn't working.
Welker: Showing us his "intermittent" mic gag where his voice goes in and out.
Cullen: During the OP death scene, Welker was hovering over him making jokes about car payment.
Cullen: Welker asked "are you gonna do it like that?" and Cullen replied "I'm dyin' over here!"
Welker: You should hear Peter do a semi-truck. He does incredible sound fx.
Cullen: I'm saving all those sounds for when we release our noise album. *laughs*
Welker: Used to do a comedy return. Would do a routine with ducks singing "We wish you a merry xmas"
Welker: Basically doing a Donald Duck voice singing. Amazing!

Showed G1 clip where OP and Megatron were fighting on the dam.
Cullen: We weren't locked into the characters yet. Welker: I was. *Laighs*
Welker: the cast did record together. Peter and Frank liked to work with each other when they could.
Welker: Peter and Frank fed off each other when recording G1.
Cullen: Every time you mention G1, there are happy wonderful memories. Great cast.
Cullen: Sue Blu will be inducted into the HasCon Hall of Fame. Says she's a great person.

Montano: Were you allowed to adlib?
Welker: When we did G1 with Wally Burr, he was under a lot of pressure to get the shows out.
Welker: Back in those days sessions could be 4-8 hours. The business was booming at that time.
Welker: You could do five or more shows a day. We tried to stay in the G1 sessions but it was tight.
Welker: The schedules did not permit a lot of adlibbing.
Welker: The producers were open to suggestions.

Continuing the clip from G1 when Megatron knocks Optimus into the water off the dam.
Cullen: Does an Optimus voice in water (it sounds just like Seaspray!).
Showing another clip of Megatron and OP fighting where OP laughs at Megatron.
Cullen: Peter and Frank met recording "Mighty Man & Yuck". A few people know the show.
Cullen: "One shall stand one shall fall!" - audience cheers.
Playing clip featuring Megatron being "rescued" by Soundwave in TF:TM.
Welker: I'm such an egomaniac I wanted to do ALL the voices.. *laughs*
Cullen: He *could* do them all, that's why he's the king!
Cullen and Welker doing an amazing animal fighting routine with dogs and cats.
Welker: Burr was so busy he told him to pick a variety of characters to do and he wound up doing many.
Welker: Just described Soundwave's voice as Barry White's. That is amazing.
Montano: There is a scene in TF:TM where you voice several characters at once (the shuttle scene).

Montano: Asking Peter to talk about his work with NASA.
Cullen: It is an honor to be associated with the great people at NASA.
Cullen: A member of NASA from the Goddard space center is in the audience. *cheers*
Cullen: Praising all the things NASA does, not just flying but research, medicine etc.
Cullen: Finds the people at NASA are the kind who love watching cartoons. They have an intensity.

This panel repeats tomorrow, but some of the content will be different.
Welker: Peter is eloquent, impassioned and heartfelt. Cullen: "Til all are one"
Panel is over!
Tomorrow (Sunday over there) is the final day, and these will be the following Transformers events...

11AM - THE PRIME WARS TRILOGY: See the story come to life!
12PM - PETER AND FRANK SOUND OFF: The Voices of Optimus Prime & Megatron! (repeat)
1PM - IDW - Transformers Comics: How Artists and Writers Bring Stories to Life (repeat, but I haven't seen a report on the Friday panel yet)
2PM - The Women of Transformers
3PM - More than Meets the Eye (repeat, but hopefully some new reveals)
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Also from the VIP Dinner, some tidbits about the Bumblebee movie from the producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura...

  • Bumblebee Movie is set in 1986 with all the “weird” hair and music and everything.
  • It’ll be a very emotional movie, feeling similar to E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial by Steven Spielberg (who is also a producer of the Transformers Franchise).
  • Bumblebee will have a special bond with Hailee Steinfeld’s character.
  • Travis Knight (award winning Kubo and the Two Strings, Coraline, and ParaNorman) will be directing and it’ll be on a different direction than Michael Bay movies.
  • The movie will be kept simpler and will feel a lot like the first Transformers Live Action Movie.
  • In future, they believe they could [no promises] do more movies for other characters, set in different time periods.
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Two of the Sunday Panels were covered on Ben Yee's twitter - Prime Wars Trilogy and Women of Transformers.
The transcripts are below... but it looks like this might be a video of the Prime Wars Trilogy panel (I haven't watched it yet).

And apparently, this is a video of one of the IDW panels (I haven't had a chance to watch it either).

The Prime Wars Trilogy Panel...

The Prime Wars Trilogy panel has begun!
They are also folding in the @TransformersWar group into this.
On stage: John Warden (Design Manager), Mario Carreiro (Sr. Graphic Designer).
On Stage: Marcelo Matere (artist and concept artist).
On Stage: Adam Kramarzewski (Earth Wars) and David Erwin (franchise creative lead).
Erwin was formerly at DC comics. Trying to make the creative universe more consistent.
Warden: Animation, digital gaming and toy line form a trifecta for the
Warden: Combiner Wars did not begin as a trilogy.
Warden: Introduces Yoke-san. Big applause for Yoke-san in the audience.
Warden: CW started by improving on the Fall of Cybertron joint system.
Warden: The linkage needed to click together. The feet and fists had to be able to transform too.
Showing block model and concept drawings of Devastator.
Block models are then drawn in 2D in intense details. Drawings have a lot of greebles.
CAD specialist then works this into a final model. Block CAD gets made into a final stage model.
Warden: Model helps them determine cost, packaging.
Warden: Moving on to Titans Return. Showing toy eco-system concept.
Warden: Titan Masters were originally triple changers (robot/head/weapon) but that was too expensive.
Showing Trypticon concept drawings, foam model and grey model.
Warden: Lights cut down on articulation and height.
Warden: Titans Return "distills" the Gods into the Pretender shells. The essence can be used to power up.
Carreiro: Packaging art is critical to communicate the brand's message.
Carreiro: The packaging art also serves as "movie posters" of sorts to sell the concept.
Matere: Created artwork for each part of the Prime Wars Trilogy.
The Power of the Primes poster has tons of characters including Moonracer and Rippersnapper.
Showing proposed logo designs for Combiner Wars.
Carreiro: The "O' in the CW joints inspired iterations of the logo.
Carreiro: When he asks for package art, it needs to be dynamic. Does not want a character "standing there"
Carreiro: Showing the diff. in art between chapters. Showing Bumblebee art with 2 different backgrounds.
Showing several b/w art pieces across different lines including Masterpiece and CW.
Matere: Has to take into account restrictions on packaging size.
Matere: Before I was an artist, I was a fan. Sometimes he likes to homage old packaging.
Matere: Starts with digital then moves to pencils.
Matere: Is given a lot of freedom when creating character art.
Warden: Moving on to Space Ape. Hasbro and Space Ape share CAD data.
Adam: Showing a Volcanicus CAD model combined, then separating into the Dinobots.
Now showing Predaking's 3D model fully rendered.
Adam: We use the game models to create key art, modeling and animations.
Adam: Space Ape created a CG prototype to propose a Dinobot combiner to Hasbro...
Adam: ...not realizing Hasbro was already doing it! Their original one was called Dinoking!
Adam: This version was different, using Swoop's wings on the back like Predaking's wings.
Adam: Volcanicus looks great in the game. Adam is doing a live demo.
Adam: The combining sequence for Volcanicus is great, Slug is very adorable in it.
Adam: The theme of fire is used in the gameplay for the character.
Adam: Volcanicus has an Energo-swrod attack for long range. Also has a flamethrower.
Adam: Final (4 star) ability is "extinction" is an aerial fire bombardment.
Adam: Cheetor is coming next week. The more he destroys, the faster he gets!
Showing teaser trailer for Titans Return.
Showing a lot of the actors including Michael Dorn, Frank Todaro and Jason Marnocha.
Very fast scenes, some footage from CW.
Erwin: Episodes have been extended to 11 episodes at 10 minutes each.
Erwin: Excited that they had budge to work with (showing some script pages).
Erwin: Episodes are broken down with cliffhangers leading into each ep.
Erwin: Talking about adding Overlord into the story.
Erwin: Worked with artists like Guido Guidi and Andrew Griffith on the character designs.
Erwin: Fans loved Megatron and loved the reluctant team up in CW.
Erwin: Trypticon will be in Titans Return!
Panel is over!
The Women of Transformers Panel...

At the "Women of #Transformers" panel
On Stage: Introductions: Lynsey Bernier: Project management, logistics.
On Stage: Miru Shim - artist and animation
Shim: Talking about RiD Crash Combiners and their functionality.
Showing the Saberclaw Crash Combiner featuring Bisk and beetle Decepticon.
Showing sketches of how the figure would come together.
Shim: Product can then be expanded into gaming, commercials and anything you see on shelf.
On Stage: Ashley Creedon (product development) showing example of development.
Creedon: There were lots of meetings to talk about development of Trypticon.
Creedon: Trypticon blends modern features and design along with nostalgia.
Creedon: As a marketer she was adamant that Trypticon would eat Titan Masters.
Showing the Trypticon Titan Master Crunch cereal box
Now showing Designer Desk video about Trypticon.
On Stage: Samantha Lomow (SVP of Hasbro brands) - helps set the brand direction.
Lomow: Also helps decide what brands and products will be developed.
Lomow: Thanking team for the care and love they put into the brands they work on.
Sonal Majmudar is acting as host. Introducing Sue Blu.
Now showing an honorary video showcasing Sue's work on the franchise.
When Sue started on #Transformers there were not a lot of roles for women in animation.
Showing clips from G1 and Animated.
Sue credits the fans for #Transformers lasting over 30 years.
Sue credits the strength and vulnerability of Arcee as reasons she was a breakout character.
Most memorable moments. Bernier: working on Fortress Maximus, a very complex project.
Shim: Graduated and got to be trained to be part of a team and with depts like engineering & marketing.
Creedon: Values the insight that 80% of parents want to bond with kids thru the brand.
Creedon: Came onto the brand 2 years ago.
Blu: Proudest moment was getting into the Hall of Fame.
Blu: Proud and honored to be with the fans who have kept this brand alive.
Lomow: Very proud of the brand (worked on it in 2001 when it was much smaller).
Lomow: Was part of the team that helped the brand become an entertainment brand *and* toy brand.
Lomow: The brand is now what was only imagined in the 80's.
Majmudar: What is the greatest impact to you?
Bernier: TF is more than just a toy brand, heard some personal stories about it.
Bernier: Didn't realize how personal TFs is to some ppl.
Shim: Never seen this many fans in such a short amount of time. It's exciting.
Shim: Loved watching the movies & then actually working on the brand helped her appreciate the brand more.
Shim: It means a lot to her as a designer to see positive feedback.
Creedon: In one day she saw several ppl either playing with or wearing TF related items.
Creedon: Connecting with fans helps the team see what all their work is leading towards.
Blu: Two huge impacts - 1. Got a letter from a soldier who loved Arcee and asked for a picture.
Blu: It really touched her.
Blu: Did USO shows during the Vietnam war. Fresh out of High School and a year of college.
Blu: Years later she was bowling with her parents and an employee recognized her!
Blu: He remembered one of her performances from his time in Vietnam!
Blu: Wally Burr cast her and it had a huge impact on her desire to direct.
Lomow: I don't know if I can top that *laughter in room*
Blu: If you create a character from the heart it helps.
I'm not sure if that's the end of the panel, as the tweets just end there.
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Some photos of the various Transformers vehicles that were at HasCon, which included two Bumblebees, Optimus, Barricade and the Transformers sponsored race car.

For anyone who can buy from the Hasbro Toy Shop website, through a friend or a mail forwarder, the exclusive Powerbank Optimus and Arcee toys will be available from the 20th, limited to 2 per household/address.

Also, there is this video review of the HasCon exclusive power-pack Optimus toy.

And from Machinima, who were at HasCon to promote their second chapter of their online Generations Cartoon (called Titans Return - again, after the toyline is over), released some images and promo poster. The new series is supposed to begin in November, apparently with 11 episodes at 10 minutes each.
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A video of Sue Blu's induction to the Hall of Fame.
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This is supposed to be a full video of the Saturday VIP dinner/awards event.

And this one is another video of the Prime Wars Trilogy panel, and some sample screenshots.
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