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Old 22nd July 2011, 02:06 PM
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Default Machine Wars TOYS (1997)


Only one wave. Released in US as Kaybee exclusive, and in several stores here in Early 1997 as a regular release item.

Approximate retail prices (exchange rate - AU$1 = US$0.77)
Supreme - $100-110
Ultra - $40
Mega - $30
Basic - $10-15

Optimus Prime - Supreme Autobot

Starscream - Ultra Decepticon

Sandstorm -Mega Autobot
Soundwave - Mega Decepticon

Hoist - Basic Autobot
Hubcap - Basic Autobot
Mirage - Basic Autobot
Megaplex - Basic Decepticon
Megatron - Basic Decepticon
Prowl - Basic Autobot
Skywarp - Basic Decepticon
Thundercracker - Basic Decepticon

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