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Old 22nd December 2011, 09:38 PM
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Default Collector Club Magazine #42 Dec 11/ Jan 12 (Spoilers [?])

Just continuing the theme of going on with the Club Mags, Just in case it needs a bit of momentum to catch on. #41 is here.

Cover/P1 - Has a very photoshopped image of TFPrime Wheeljack toy. Have to admit, it does look very nicely done. Also has a little comment "The Toys Are HERE!" (Obviously meaning America, not Australia... )
P2 - Bit of Blurb about hoping to have the spot for Botcon confirmed and Orders for SG Drift and Runabout in January. Interesting in that it makes a point of stating the mag will have a new look from feb/mar issue onwards.
P3 - Screamers retro review with Michael McConnohie (voice of Cosmos and tracks). I am just glad she didn't use the false word 'impactful' in this one.
P4/5 - "It's Prime Time!" Section on the Prime toys with some package shots and out of package shots of BB, Arcee, CJ, Entertainment pack. Small corner section of Sky Shadow and Junkheap to plug the Generations line.
P6 - Hauler Bio.
P7 - Devastator Bio.
P8/9 - Action Master section talking with Bob Budiansky. And first ever printed Bio of SG/AM Club Thundercracker (from botcon 2011) as an Action Master as opposed to his Shattered Glass one that came with the toy.
P10-15 - Comic Story. Battle Lines Part 6. Final part of this story.
P16 Back Page - "Membership drive" Photo contest winners and Recordicons.

My thoughts.
No craptacular word search = yay.
The grammar didn't make me shake my head in shame, so that's a plus too.
The interview with Michael I enjoyed, but that was helped due to my love for Cosmos. The action master section was interesting, but it focussed more on the problems of the story ark as opposed to the toy section, which I would have preferred to read about. I mean TFs that don't really transform? Why? What were they thinking? Sort of thing.
The comic. Well, I found the art bearable, but there was the usual club issues of flow. Where was I supposed to read next? One frame has Magnum diving in front of Prime to get shot, and THEN Dion, both by Megatron. Wha? Awkwardly drawn and it just looks kinda stupid. What? Is Megatron in a duck shooting alley or something? Maybe they were just trying to wrap up quickly. I think they rushed the end a little as they try and Sum up the section between the creation of Devastator (maybe mid-Cyb civil war) and the evacuation of Cybertron, to the deaparture of the Ark in 5 pages (end of CYB civil war for Prime).

Recordicons: I can live without TBH. usually goes for "Shattered Glass" character list, not too sure if it is doing that in this one.

The Photos are relatively boring IMHO. I think there are better shots in our threads.

Again, the back page is a last (geddit?) Minute thought.

Overall better than the last issue, but only just. Probably because there is no word seach this time...
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Old 23rd December 2011, 01:45 AM
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Overall better than the last issue, but only just. Probably because there is no word seach this time...
Probably because they actually featured *toys* this issue, even if it wasn't anything new... it was still an effort to have toys covered in a Transformers (that exists as a toyline first and foremost) fan magazine.
Actually, what I'd love to see is more "vault" info and pics, that we know was left out of the Vault book. Now that would be an exclusive worth signing up for.

I agree that the comic felt very rushed, and awkward in some spots.
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