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Old 26th January 2012, 12:29 PM
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Default 2011 Ozformer Awards results

Thanks to everyone who took part. The winners are...

All Time Favourites

Favourite Transformers Toy Series
Winner: Generation One (26%)
Runner ups: Classics / Universe (2008) / Henkei (18%), Beast Wars (12%)

Favourite Transformer Allegiance
Winner: Autobot (56%)
Runner ups: Decepticon (33%), Maximal (5%)

Favourite Heroic Transformer Toy Ever
Winners: G1 Optimus Prime and Masterpiece Grimlock (10% each)
Runner ups: MP04 Convoy; MP10 Convoy (7% each), G1 Prowl (4%)

Favourite Heroic Transformer Character Ever
Winner: G1 Optimus Prime (30%)
Runner ups: BW Dinobot(12%), G1 Jazz (7%)

Favourite Evil Transformer Toy Ever
Winner: G1 Soundwave (18%)
Runner ups: Unicron (6%), MP05 Megatron; G1 Megatron; G1 Devastator; G1 Starscream; Transmetal 2 Megatron (5% each)

Favourite Evil Transformer Character Ever
Winners: G1 Starscream and BW Megatron (16% each)
Runner ups: G1 Soundwave (13%), G1 Megatron (12%)

Dark of the Moon movie

Favourite Autobot in DOTM
Winner: Optimus Prime (27%)
Runner ups: Ironhide (19%), Sentinel Prime (13%)

Favourite Decepticon in DOTM
Winner: Soundwave (25%)
Runner ups: Megatron (22%), Shockwave (21%)

Favourite human character in DOTM
Winner: Dutch (Alan Tudyk) (30%)
Runner ups: Carly Spencer (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) (21%), William Lennox (Josh Duhamel) (13%)

Favourite scene in DOTM
Winner: Highway chase (21%)
Runner ups: Optimus Prime flies in and takes out Decepticons (15%), Final showdown between Optimus Prime, Sentinel Prime and Megatron (9%)

Funniest scene in DOTM
Winner: Dutch loses it in the Russian bar (17%)
Runner ups: Sam and Jerry in the bathroom; Bumblebee transforming around Sam during the highway chase; Brains and Wheelie aboard the crashing carrier ship (7% each)

Dark of the Moon toys

Favourite Legion class toy
Winner: Crowbar (24%)
Runner ups: Flak (17%), Bumblebee; Roadbuster; Sideswipe (10% each)

Favourite Commander class toy
Winner: Autobot Guzzle (28%)
Runner ups: Decepticon Hatchet (27%), Powerglide (25%)

Favourite Action Set
Winner: Shockwave / Fusion Tank (33%)
Runner ups: Optimus Prime / Armored Weapons Platform (26%), Megatron / Blastwave Weapons Base (22%)

Favourite (Movie) Deluxe Toys
First: Crankcase (16%)
Second: Topspin (15%)
Third: Roadbuster (12%)
Runner ups: Thundercracker (11%), Laserbeak (9%)

Favourite Voyager toy
Winner: Skyhammer (46%)
Runner ups: Shockwave; Megatron (27% each)

Favourite Leader (or above) toy
Winner: Jetwing Optimus Prime (33%)
Runner ups: Ironhide (28%), Sentinel Prime; Ultimate Optimus Prime (19% each)

Favourite Human Alliance Basic
Winner: Sandstorm & Private Dedcliff (42%)
Runner ups: Icepick & Sergeant Chaos (24%), Backfire and Spike Witwicky (18%)

Favourite Human Alliance toy
Winner: Sideswipe (Flash Freeze Assault) (59%)
Runner ups: Bumblebee & Sam Witwicky (23%), Autobot Skids & Elitea-1 & Sergeant Epps (18%)

Favourite tie-in Transformers toyline
Winner: Stealth Force (29%)
Runner ups: Activators (23%), Speed Stars (11%)

Favourite DOTM store exclusive (single figure)
Winner: Space Case (32%)
Runner ups: Sideswipe (Scan series) (17%), Sideswipe (Rally deco) (13%)

Favourite DOTM store exclusive (multi-pack)
Winner: Optimus Prime and Commetor (23%)
Runner ups: Bumblebee and Soundwave with Rodimus (21%), Flash Freeze Assault (Sideswipe, Icepick) (17%)

Other Transformer toylines

Favourite Reveal The Shield Legends toy
Winner: Megatron (52%)
Runner ups: Trailcutter (22%), Optimus Prime; Prowl (8% each)

Favourite Reveal The Shield Scout toy
Winner: Windcharger (94%)
Runner up: Chopsaw (6%)

Favourite Reveal The Shield Toys
First: Warpath (20%)
Second: Special Ops Jazz (14%)
Third: Wheeljack (13%)
Runner ups: Sergeant Kup (12%), Scourge (9%)

Favourite Reveal The Shield Voyager toy
Winner: Lugnut (62%)
Runner ups: Solar Storm Grappel (32%), Strafe (6%)

Favourite Kreo set
Winner: Optimus Prime (28%)
Runner ups: Optimus Prime (small); Mirage; Megatron; Starscream (10% each)

Favourite Kreon toy
Winner: Soundwave (20%)
Runner ups: Optimus Prime (18%), Shockwave (15%)

Favourite Powercore Combiner 2 pack
Winner: Heavy Tread w/ Groundspike (46%)
Runner ups: Undertow w/ Waterlog (33%), Skyhammer w/ Airlift (20%)

Favourite Powercore Combiner 5 pack
Winner: Grimstone w/ Dinobots (66%)
Runner ups: Steamhammer w/ Constructicons (20%), Stakeout w/ Protectobots; Crankcase w/ Destrons (7% each)

Favourite BotCon / Collectors Club toy
Winner: G2 Ramjet (22%)
Runner ups: Animated Cheetor (16%), Shattered Glass Thundercracker (12%)

Favourite Japanese United toy from 2011
Winner: Jazz (12%)
Runner ups: Tracks (13%), Rumble & Frenzy and G2 Laser Optimus Prime (10%)

Favourite Japanese toy of the year
Winner: MP-10 Convoy (37%)
Runner ups: Encore Devastator (33%), Decepticon Vortex (12%)


Favourite Transformers Comic Book Series of 2011
Winner: Transformers (Ongoing) (74%)
Runner ups: Rising Storm; Dark of the Moon (7% each)

Favourite episode of Transformers Prime
Winner: One Shall Rise (Part One to Three) (31%)
Runner ups: Darkness Rising (Part One to Five) (29%), Partners; Stronger Faster (8% each)

Favourite Autobot character in Transformers Prime
Winner: Arcee (28%)
Runner ups: Bulkhead (23%), Ratchet; Wheeljack (13% each)

Favourite Decepticon character in Transformers Prime
Winner: Starscream (36%)
Runner ups: Soundwave (19%), Knock Out (14%)

Favourite Human character in Transformers Prime
Winner: Jack (29%)
Runner ups: Miko (21%), William Fowler (15%)


Best Australian Transformers-related news of 2011
Winner: Hasbro MP Rodimus gets local release (27%)
Runner ups: Kmart gets in the Warpath wave of Generation toys (21%), Jetwing Optimus Prime gets local release (13%)

Worst Australian Transformers-related news of 2011
Winner: First Edition Prime figures may miss Australia (39%)
Runner ups: Later wave Generations toys unavailable (21%), First wave of DOTM toys shelfwarm (15%)

Best Global Transformers-related news of 2011
Winner: Fall of Cybertron video game reveals (27%)
Runner ups: New toyline for Transformers Prime (24%), Classics Runabout and Runamuck to be 2012 club exclusives (10%)

Worst Global Transformers-related news of 2011
Winner: Fourth Michael Bay Transformers movie possibly in the works (23%)
Runner ups: Ugly designs for DOTM characters and toys (Laserbeak, Que) (15%), Names like Wheeljack and Mirage passed over for Que and Dino (13%)

Best unlicensed Transforming toy inspired by a Transformer character
Winner: FP Insecticons (40%)
Runner ups: TFC Hercules (20%), SFX Scouting Force (13%)

Best unlicensed accessory for an existing Transformer toy
Winners: iGear Kup Heads and Maketoys Battle Tanker (21% each)
Runner up: Maiden Gear Junkions (8%)

Best Fan Creative Piece (Written or Visual)
No winner.
Votes to: Sam's TF War Within Comic; Rageontheroad's Movie Wildrider concept; Verno's narrative efforts with Beast Wars; Mosaic: Reckoning; Transformers the lost seasons: Queen's Gambit; Sentinel, Optimus and Megatron on deviantart

Best Custom Transformer Toy by an Australian Fan
Winner: Robot_art's Bruticus (58%)
Runner ups: Loophole's Breakdown; Loophole's Dead End; Snaketale's Robot Heroes (14% each)

Best Custom Transformer Toy by an International Fan
No winner.
Votes to: Ambitron's deluxe G1 Bumblebee; Wikkid's MP Mirage; Custom classics Technobots; Classics Dinobots; FrenzyRumble's MP Thunderwing; FrenzyRumble's MP Decepticon Diorama; FrenzyRumble's Sentinel Prime; Jinsaotome's Scrapmetal

Favourite 15th Anniversary Banner
Winner: TF:Prime Optimus vs Megatron by PrimulArchangel (14%)
Runner ups: Ravage in apocalyptic Sydney by Tober (12%), Outback (Crikey that's a long time) by Lint;Ice Cream banner by Sky Shadow; G1 box art space by Paulbot; Cybertron by SkyWarp91; Optimus vs Nemesis Prime by PrimulArchangel (6% each)

Best Toy Dealer/Online Store
Winner: Robotkingdom (34%)
Runner ups: Big Bad Toy Store (26%), Hobby Link Japan (7% each)

Best Transformers Gathering/Meet you attended in 2011
Winners: Parramatta Collectors Fair and BotCon (21% each)
Runner ups: Melbourne Xmas Meet (14%), SA Xmas Meet (7% each)

Ozformer Member of the Year
Winner: Hursticon (30%)
Runner ups: Griffin (28%), Paulbot (17%)

Additional comments

Dark of the Moon toy comments:
"Disappointing and not enough refreshes of new waves. However, new engineering techniques came out"

"Didn't buy many, they were a big let down after the high of the ROTF line"

"It's a shame the early waves are still clogging up shelf space. Maybe I don't want 50 new Deluxe Bumblebee's."

"Need to have all the wreckers in weapons mode in one size class"

"This was like picking the best of the worst."

"Hasbro has invented a working reductoray, it would seem...when will they start selling it?"

"All good! I love em!"

"A solid series although more paint apps would have gone a long way"

Other toyline comments:
"Picking a top 3 RTS Deluxe was very hard, there are so many good ones."

"Give the fans what they want. CHUG STUFF!"

"A good year for Classics enthusiasts."

"2011 was a bad year for TFs."

"MP-10 - BEST. OPTIMUS. EVER. Excellent toy!"

"Like the smaller amount of united/generations figures, makes them feel more special. Also good to have real tf figures out during a movie year."

Fiction comments:
"While IDW's ongoing series and connecting stories haven't been ideal this year... it's kept me interested and pleased to see some really left-field characters get some page space here and there."

"Prime was a welcome addition to TF lore"

"Hasbro and Co have created something beautiful in Transformers: Prime, not since Beast Wars have I found myself actively looking forward to the next episode of a TF cartoon; as it is very likely that this show is the best written Transformers Televised Fiction since the aforementioned series and could well be the new "G1" for today's kids."

"Looking forward to the future of transformers comics. The Death Of Optimus Prime is my pick for comics this year!"

"Humans in Transformers Prime are some of the most annoying characters in all of Transformers cartoons."
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Old 26th January 2012, 03:44 PM
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As always Paulbot you have a done a great job setting all this up.
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Old 26th January 2012, 04:44 PM
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Again, a good read. Thanks Paulbot. (and to those who took the time to participate)
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Old 26th January 2012, 09:12 PM
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Thanks for all the effort Paulbot! A great read!
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Well done, Paulbot. And congrats to Hursticon (and Reveal The Shield Lugnut ) for being awesome.
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Old 26th January 2012, 09:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Sky Shadow View Post
Well done, Paulbot. And congrats to Hursticon (and Reveal The Shield Lugnut ) for being awesome.
Are we going to see a lugnut award ceremony???

And congrats hursty a well deserved award I love reading your responses to everyone's grabbings!!!

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Nice work collating all the data Paulbot, some interesting and some obvious results. Thanks again for all your hard work with these end of year surveys.
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Old 26th January 2012, 11:52 PM
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Haha, congrats Hursti! A well deserved one. I do agree we should hold an award ceremony
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Old 27th January 2012, 01:41 AM
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Congrats to the winners.
Which brings us to where we are today...

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Old 27th January 2012, 09:12 AM
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Congrats Hursty You can pay me at the next Parra Fair

Worst Global Transformers-related news of 2011
Winner: Fourth Michael Bay Transformers movie possibly in the works (23%)
Seriously... time to get over all this hatred and appreciate the fact his movies have kept the franchise going for better or for worse.
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