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Old 26th September 2012, 02:46 AM
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Default TFPrime game for Wii-U details

For those who only have a Wii, or don't like Fall of Cybertron... or have already had enough of it and want a new Transformers game - well, the TFPrime game on Wii isn't far from release.

It comes out November 13th, and is by Activision... so maybe another fan-campaign is needed to have it released on other consoles, similar to how FOC was released on PC due to fan demand.

Wii-U is a new version of the Wii console from Nintendo, most notably to be able to deliver 3D (if I recall).

The keen eye will spot the new TFPrime character "Thunderwing" in the press release at that link, and we even get to see a promo image of him. We've already seen promo images of new Vehicons, so here's hoping we see toys of these... or they appear in the cartoon at least (so that us without Wiis get to see & hear them in action).
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