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Old 31st December 2007, 03:49 PM
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Default Questions about Universe Devestator (the Landfill / Build King repaint)

So, after a bit of research and discussion here, I grabbed Universe Devestator. Not the mini one, but the Landfill / Build King repaint.

For those that aren't familiar with this toy or any of its earlier derivatives, it's basically three deluxe size pieces that merge in a three pointed configuration, with the top piece being both arms, and the bottom two pieces being each leg (think of the middle of the Mercedes star). The fourth piece (Bonecrusher) is scout/basic sized and forms the chest plate and head.

Hightower and Long Haul are SIMILAR molds and are both green, so I think using them as legs is the most common/proper configuration. This leaves the purple Scavenger to form the arms, and as said, Bonecrusher is always the chest plate.:

This version of the robot is a bit bottom heavy in looks. Here's what it looks like with Hightower forming the arms:

I think the purple Scavenger leg looks a bit out of place, but I like the more meaty-ness of the lower arms.

However, when using the default version with Scavenger forming the arms, there seems to be a lot of inconsistency between the included instructions, the pictures on the box, the pictures on the internet and what is actually possible with the figure. I had a brief discussion with Dirge last night regarding what he thought, and I thought I'd put it to the board as well.

So, firstly, here is the relevant page of the instructions:

So, let's walk through, starting at step 4:

No trouble here. Step 5:

Now, here's where it starts to get interesting. Here's step 6:

So, we've split the top part of the crane in half and are starting to fold it similar to the position it would be in if we were making the Scavenger robot. Now, in the instruction's Step 7, we need to spin the lower arm on the left around, and rotate the right shoulder up. Results successfully seen here in my Step 7:

So, when we complete the folding back of the shoulders, step 8 looks as such:

Step 9 is where I have problems. Here is the completed shot which seemingly looks fine:

However, as I rotate that left shoulder up, it really has to be forced up as it grinds quite a bit against the robot's chest and thus is forced to be angled inward:

I'm quite confident this is what the instructions are asking as if you compare the detailed drawing in the instructions, the details of the hinges in the left forearm match up. Unfortunately, the drawings in the instruction for the right forarm really don't seem to match any perspective of it on the actual figure, so I can't be sure if I got that right.

So, Dirge showed me pics of his and (correct me if I'm wrong) it looks like this:

Now, that all sort of lines up a bit better. Is this the correct method and the instructions are simply wrong? Or is it possible that my build is slightly bodgy and the instructions are correct, or is that twist impossible for everyone?
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