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Originally Posted by Tetsuwan Convoy View Post
Doublecross has two personalities

And with Counterpunch passing out, one could say that his Decepticon persona is becoming a real character.

I can see from the profile write-up, that they were focusing on the beast mode, which had two heads, and that makes it easier to play on the two personality concept, even though it was more like a conjoined twin concept. But when in robot mode, would he have been arguing with himself? And that was where my original query had come from - does any character who doesn't have multiple faces or heads, have a split personality.
My first thoughts that have multiple faces or heads were the Quintesson judges and the three Gen1 two-headed beasts (Hungrrr, Sinnertwin, Doublecross)... while Doubleheader had a two-headed pretender shell, but shells don't have their own sentience.
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