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Originally Posted by UltraMarginal View Post
well that's interesting at least.

I'm a bit confused that they are pushing both an MP and a non-MP line of movie toys all of a sudden. perhaps this is a clear sign that the visual aesthetic of the movies are about to drastically change and they are making the most of the first 5 before everyone ignores their existence for the rest of time.

I am a little sad if that's the case, I really want an MP blackout amongst other things. The image shows what is likely a leader blackout foot and possibly a new ratchet.
You never know the future of the movie designs but this new movie line was suspected with the ‘lets give the old molds one last great deco’ Takara movie “Best” lines. Plenty of encores and older figures get 1 last hurrah followed by a new version within 12 months.
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