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Thread: The Regret Thread

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    I can see Kaiden's point on this somewhat, I find Classics Grimlock uninspiring, certainly don't regret buying him, but I did take him apart to try to customize him and make him more exciting. Except now I,m not sure where his parts are.

    And as Gok mentioned vale for money is pretty personal, I paid a small fortune for MP Grimlock, but found I had no regrets, to me the finish and end product make the toy feel worth it's price. While I would say the same of classics Grimlock, the finish of the product feels appropriately cheaper, so for me neither constitutes better value for money for me.

    However on a personal note Deluxe Grimlock is the less inspiring design.

    No regrets though so guess I'm getting of topic.

    Quote Originally Posted by GoktimusPrime View Post
    Except that they're selling him for $250...
    Not in Japan.

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    My most recent regret is K.O. or reissue metro-titan. I thought It would be o.k.
    and heaps cheaper than the real deal, But after 15 minutes with him,
    I couldn't handle it, with it's sloppy joints and whack colour scheme..

    I had to go get the real thing and now i can't afford to eat for the rest of the year
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