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Old 28th September 2017, 05:56 PM
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Default JP Figure King hobby magazine scans

The Transformers pages of the latest issue of the Japanese Figure King hobby magazine have been posted up, covering the upcoming Movie and Legends toys in Japan.

The toys shown include some released next month, and some to be released in February-March... which is a bit of a gap of toys being skipped, including Masterpiece (which used to be heavily featured in these hobby magazines).

The Last Knight Movie - October 2017
- TLK-30 - Dragonstorm (Leader - same as Hasbro version?) - October 28th (7344yen)
- TLK-31 - Big Speed Change Dragonstorm (Mega Changer - same as Hasbro version?) - October 28th (7344yen)
Legends - February 2018
- LG-61 - Clonetron Set (Pounce/Wingspan) (minor redeco) - February 28th (3780yen)
- LG-62 - Targetmaster Windblade (minor redeco w/ new Targetmaster Pinpointer) - February 28th (4320yen)
- LG-63 - G2 Megatron (redeco w/ redeco Titanmaster beast)- February 28th (5940yen)
Movie the Best - February 2018
- MB-12 - Autobot Jazz (Deluxe - minor redeco) - February 28th (3780yen)
- MB-13 - Bonecrusher (Deluxe - minor redeco) - February 28th (3780yen)
- MP-14 - Megatron (Leader - minor redeco) - February 28th (6600yen)
- MB-15 - Lockdown (Deluxe - minor redeco) - February 28th (3780yen)
Movie the Best - March 2018
- MB-16 - Jetfire (Leader - minor redeco) - March 31st
- MB-17 - Optimus Prime Revenge Version (Leader - minor redeco) - March 31st
- MB-18 - War Hammer Bumblebee (Deluxe - minor redeco with new weapon) - March 31st (3780yen)
- MB-19 - Hound (Voyager - minor redeco with new part) - March 31st (5400yen)
- MB-20 - Nemesis Prime (Leader - redeco) - March 31st (8640yen)

In other words, nothing new, as the toys and images have all been revealed already, but there might be some thing interesting to look at, or read if you can read Japanese.
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