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View Poll Results: TF3 : DotM - worth watching?
excellent, must see 48 42.86%
good, see if you can 35 31.25%
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disappointing, avoid it 7 6.25%
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Old 1st July 2011, 03:43 PM
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I also found this.
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Old 1st July 2011, 03:53 PM
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The first words out of my mouth as the credits started rolling: "That...makes me embarrassed to have a TF tattoo.."

I saw it last night, and to be honest, I was horrified. I watched a bunch of G1 and read some All Hail Megatron this morning to wipe it from my mind. I was trying not to look forward to it, but was secretly believing it might be ok, and that was a mistake.

My issues:
* Awful treatment of female characters - you're either a half-naked, fish-lipped bimbo or a sexless annoying bitch (apart from 'that one time') ugh. So unnecessary. Is it so hard to have a robot movie about robots, rather than the sexual relationship between two humans? Or if rships are a must, why not have a girl with agency? Or who doesn't feel the need to flash at every opportunity? Why not focus on rships between the damn TF's? I mean geez there's eons of war between them all, flesh out their connections maybe.

* TF's 'helping' the US war effort - Bumblebee blowing up Iraqi's? Really? I get really mad about US politics so I wont even start, but that made me go grr..

* Useless scenes - half of the scenes featuring Sam's parents could've been shortened/cut to make time for more bot development

* Shockwave - one of my favourite characters, supposedly one of if not the most intelligent transformer reduced to popping out of the ground at random points with a giant worm, and grunting. I actually shouted "illogical!" when he was killed, much to the embarrassment of my friends. It made no sense. Also I don't think anyone's mentioned this but Shockwave had a mouth. Come on. You could get one thing right, just one

* Starscream - words cant express. The horrible things the Bay franchise has done to him. Period.

* Bumblebee NOT being shot in the back of the head. Come on, who else was on the edge of their seats (for the only time in the movie) hoping for Sounders to dispatch him? Nope, instead that yellow bastard blows Soundwave's head off. - ___ -

* Megatron, the indestructable, invincible leader of the Decepticons, reduced to a) bumming around the desert scaring elephants, b) being everyone's bitch, and c) taking advice from slutty-McDuckface. And then after he (pretty much) saves Optimus, he gets killed in like 2 seconds. Sadness.

There's so many others, but I'm forcing myself to try and think of positives.

* I liked Sentinel. For some reason I had an image of him in my mind as a Prime who wasn't all that positive, so when he defected I sort of expected it. Maybe its just because I like the IDW canon of Autobot bureaucracy treating the working class Cons like crap, dunno. Lemoy's voice was great, really suited the character.

* Lazerbeak was the best character. So well done and interesting, the whole montage of the assassinations was awesome

* Soundwave getting screentime, and good characterization. I totally knew that Mercedes was a Con, the minute I saw it befits his standing

* Prime's trailer of tricks - I thought his entrance was rushed, it was like ooh ooh a battle TA DA here's Prime bang bang bang.. But him gearing up was cool. Shame it was the only shot of it.

So now, if all the main Cons are dead, how is anyone new going to pick up the movie-line? Any TF movies without Megs, Starscream, Sounders and Shockwave would be a tad, well, dull to say the least. I personally hope no one picks it up, at least for a few hundred years, thats just me.

Oh, and did any Halo fans immediately think Covenant when they saw that big spaceship? Cuz I did
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Old 1st July 2011, 04:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Towers_Spy View Post
* Bumblebee NOT being shot in the back of the head. Come on, who else was on the edge of their seats (for the only time in the movie) hoping for Sounders to dispatch him? Nope, instead that yellow bastard blows Soundwave's head off. - ___ -
I sooo agree with you on this point. I wanted that yellow thing gone
I wish Soundwave had survived and even Starscream. I am a Decepticon fan and found it really sad that they all died. I know the good guys always have to win in movies but how about a few more Autobot deaths?
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Old 1st July 2011, 05:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Decepticon View Post
I know the good guys always have to win in movies but how about a few more Autobot deaths?
There were supposed to be. In the novel Mirage/Dino gets excecuted by Starscream and Leadfoot gets his leg blown off trying to escape when all the autobots are held captive.

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Old 1st July 2011, 05:36 PM
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I am a Michael Bay fan, I love all the over the top action/stunts/explosive stuff

Totally appropriate for a movie about alien robots at war on our planet

(and no, I am not being paid to say this )

For DOTM itself, here are some of my comments:

- I though this movie had some plotlines from G1 episodes - Countdown to Extinction, Megatron's Master Plan and enfused with 70's NASA conspiracy theories. Even my sister liked the references to G1 cartoons (she's a TF fan as well)

- Sentinel's killing of Ironhide and overall betrayal was a big shock to the system.
- I love Dino - great use of the Ferrari 458
- Also love Soundwave as the Merc SLS AMG - great usage of a stunning ride for an Iconic character
- Wreckers were a nice addition, but should have heard the 'Wreck n Rule' shout out at least once
- Laserbeak - gotta love him in action, as he should
- Humans were overbearing this time 'round
- Decepticon attack on Chicago was nicely done, just like what they would really do.

Overall better than ROTF, but not as good as the original TF movie
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Old 1st July 2011, 05:54 PM
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I absolutely loved this movie and am glad I'm seeing it again in only 4 days time!
I'm saddened, only because this is both the end of the TF Movies but also as it's the end of an era.

I only have 1 gripe with the film...

Bumblebee's face should've been an energon dripping exit-wound!
Bumblebee didn't deserve the honour of smiting Soundwave, that is an honour best befitting Ratchet - He should've ended his feud with Barricade!

Apart from that...

This film was so full of awesome-sauce it's ridiculous - From the opening scenes of Cybertron, to Leonard Nimoy's Sentinel Prime being as warped as Galvatron, to Optimus' lust for dismemberment, to Carly's Rear-End!
This movie is the best out of the 3 and caps off the best Trilogy of movies since '00.


Thank you Michael Bay, and the entirety of your teams over the past 6-7 years, for all that you've done for these movies and for this franchise, not since the 80's have we enjoyed such lofty highs and exposure but also, never have we had such awesome entertainment - You'll be missed by most mate.
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Old 1st July 2011, 06:00 PM
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Did Shockwave actually transform to his tank in the movie?

Why is Bumblebee always dirty and scratched in robot mode but all shiny and new in Camaro mode?

Why was Sentinal already a firetruck when on the moon?

Where was Barricade?

Did Ratchet say a word?

Why is the artist who designed Wheeljack/Q`s head such a retard?

Why was there no person in the drivers seat of Sideswipe when driving?

What did Brains transform into?

Why did Laserbeak talk? Didnt he such screech in G1?

Last edited by Decepticon; 1st July 2011 at 10:39 PM.
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Old 1st July 2011, 06:22 PM
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Product placement

He wasn't

Same place where Jolt is now.


I don't know

... because he's a robot

A laptop

He had a few lines of dialogue at some point
The Dodgy Backpass
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Old 1st July 2011, 07:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Decepticon View Post
Where was Barricade?

Why did Laserbeak talk? Didnt he such screech in G1?
Q1. In the group with Soundwave that had captured Bumblebee and friends.

Q2. For plot development. He probably had the most speech in one movie than all the Decepticons combined had in the other 2.

On my second viewing, I found myself really enjoying it. I still think the building sequece was too long, but that was about the only annoyance the second time (aside from Bay-cliches).

Part of the enjoyment could have come from the person sitting next to me. She's a lady from work and she got into the Transformers Movies from #1, so I convinced her to join our group viewing and she really got into the movie. Her face at Sentinel's actions, Bumblebee's possible demise and When Optimus got his arm ripped off were absolute GOLD! Genuine worry. Aaaaah Yeh.

I could happily see it again I think without getting grumpy or cringeing.
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Old 1st July 2011, 09:33 PM
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OK, I've seen the film twice now - once in 2D and then at IMAX. I don't know if I wasn't paying much attention the first time around (maybe I was too busy drooling over a certain new female character), but after the second viewing I have made my mind up. This IS the best Transformers movie to date!

I agree with 99% of Hursti's review of it; the one percent is because I have no gripes whatsoever. This was entertaining from start to finish. There was no boredom, there were no thoughts of 'Michael Bay you have ruined my childhood', there was nothing but sheer enjoyment for the entire 2 and a half hours.

Tomorrow I will be watching it again in 3D however on a smaller screen and I can't wait. I'm just as excited as I was when I went for the first time.

If this is the end of the line for the movies (which I doubt because money has a tendancy to talk in Hollywood), I would be more than satisfied with how it all ended. Highly recommended to all (and this is coming from a geewon fanboy).
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