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Old 18th April 2015, 08:23 PM
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Default Toy Review - Age of Extinction Stinger (Deluxe AD32)

Series - Age of Extinction
Sub-line Movie Advanced Series
Size/class - Deluxe
New/remould/redeco Redeco of Bumblebee
Wave N/A: special import
Released here - April 2015
Approximate Retail Price - $30
Approximate Size 13cm to top of head (+1cm to top of back mounted bonnet kibble)
Allegiance - Decepticon
Alt-mode 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Concept
Main Features/Gimmicks flip out cannon-arm, flip down battle mask
Main Colours metallic crimson and black
Main Accessories x2 shuriken

Refer to the Bumblebee review in regards to the base mould for this toy. I'm going to focus on the differences made.

* The best change is a really simple one. The two tabs behind the front grill of the car has been shortened by just 1mm, but it allows significantly greater clearance, meaning that the shoulders can detach from the grill much, much more easily than with Bumblebee. This is the most frustrating feature on Bumblebee, and the tabs are prone to developing stress marks or just snapping off due to the pressure placed on it when detaching the shoulders. The shortened tabs on Stinger means that he is not susceptible to this problem; effectively neutralising this weakness from Bumblebee. Most impressive.

* The use of the metallic crimson coloured plastic is a nice touch, and complements the glossy black quite nicely.
* Unfortunately some of the tabs on the back of the vehicle don't lock in tightly, allowing for some unsightly gaps. At least on my figure. Not sure if it's due to mould degradation or if it's just a one off fluke on my toy. Anyone else experienced this?
* They've done an admirable job in trying to dress this Bumblebee repaint as Stinger, but at the end of the day, it still looks like Bumblebee. Keeping the visor down helps to create the illusion of him being Stinger. Also, I really like how they painted the visor eyes green. I didn't even know that the visor had eye slots sculpted on it -- they just get totally lost on Bumblebee because that entire part is just blanketed in yellow. So there are some paint ops on this toy which really highlights features of the mould that isn't as noticeable on Bumblebee.
* Unfortunately the rear of the vehicle remains as blandly unpainted as Bumblebee.
* For some reason, this toy comes with two sets of instructions: one in Japanese and the other in English. The instructions are mostly a direct translation with only two key differences: the English instructions have included a motto (from my fan profile of G1 Stinger which portrays Stinger as believing that he's a 'masterpiece,' but in reality is just a 'cheap knock off' ), as well as the addition of a function for Stinger (Vehicon Commander).


On card. Unfortunately TRU have felt the need to attach a security sticker on the back of the card. I removed it ever so slowly and carefully, but it still ended up leaving some marks and tears on the card.

Two sets of instructions

Vehicle mode

Comparison shots with Bumblebee

Comparison with One Step Changer Stinger

Comparison with G1 red Bumblebee (repurposed as G1 Stinger in the 'Gokiverse')

While it's a shame that they couldn't have given us a new mould (or more extensive retool) for Stinger to allow him to have a Pagani Huarya alt mode (although they've made a commendable effort in at least mimicking Stinger's colours), this is possibly going to be best version of the character that we're going to get. And I think it's fantastic that Hasbro Australia has decided to release this toy here. I hope that this toy will sell well and encourage Hasbro AU to consider similar special imports for our market in the future. The One Step Changer remains the only version of Stinger with a Pagani Huarya alt mode. I'm really impressed that TakaraTOMY have noticed the flaw with the grill tabs on Bumblebee, and fixing it on Stinger with such a simple solution. Makes me wonder if I should file down Bumblebee's tabs.
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Old 18th April 2015, 11:45 PM
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Stinger's my first local Australian Retail figure purchase this year.
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Old 20th April 2015, 11:37 PM
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I wasn't planning on buying him but you raise a good point about Hasbro AU making the effort of bringing him down. Buying him will help encourage more Takara imports which is only a good thing.

Also $30 AU for a Takara deluxe is still a decent price
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Old 21st April 2015, 01:08 AM
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Originally Posted by FruitBuyer View Post
I wasn't planning on buying him but you raise a good point about Hasbro AU making the effort of bringing him down. Buying him will help encourage more Takara imports which is only a good thing.

Also $30 AU for a Takara deluxe is still a decent price
Yep, I was surprised that they got it in for the same price as a Hasbro deluxe... which would be impossible to do yourself online because its RRP in Japan & Asia was about AU$30.
This was one of those rare times when the Australian import was a great backup for an item that saw limited release in Japan/Asia or just impossible to track down for less. It is certainly not a concept to write-off just because most import items end up being more expensive than importing.
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Old 21st April 2015, 02:05 PM
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I picked mine up on Sunday, yet to open but just looking through the bubble, the paint looks pretty good. it's nice that they tried to get eye slits painted green on the battle mask but the paint is a bit haphazard and the unmasked eyes just don't suit the character.
Given it's probably the only stinger in a non-simple size class we'll ever see for this movie I don't mind it but like others I wish it was the right model car, the license is obviously there..
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Old 21st April 2015, 05:40 PM
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If I hadn't grabbed the Tak/tom one-step changer I'd be all over this. But given the altmode and the fact he looks like a red Bee in robot mode I'm gonna pass
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Old 20th September 2015, 06:04 PM
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I finally got around to a group shot of all the TF4 Stinger toys we ended up getting out of Hasbro (and the Deluxe from TakaraTomy that was released by Hasbro Asia)... which is disappointing, as it was one of three Decepticons that got any attention on-screen or in advertising. (especially at BigW and Walmart, who had him plastered everywhere on banners, and having exclusive rights to the Hasbro action-figure versions)

That's three Legions (from the Walmart/BigW exclusive redeco packs (single, double, triple packs)), a Construct-Bot (Walmart/BigW exclusive), a One-Step (meant for Walmart but was found at Target as well in America), a Kreo (very limited release - possibly only in Asia), and the Deluxe (from TakaraTomy).
The One-Step also got released in Japan, but from photos it looks identical to the Hasbro version... so I didn't get that one.

The only new mould was the One-Step... but if you get one, be aware that the leg mechanics wear down from the weight of the toy, resulting in the black shins not staying above the feet (they slide down next to them, making the toy shorter, or leaning if only affecting one leg).
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