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Originally Posted by Sunsurge View Post
Well by "limbo" I mean the package is stuck somewhere between RobotKingdom and my house.

TNT are telling me that they cannot process the delivery of the item because it has no Con-note. Alice at RobotKingdom told me: "There is no Con-note, and I cannot help for this issue".

I forwarded that on to TNT and TNT have said that is not correct. Items must have a Con-note and cannot be delivered without one.
So it seems RobotKingdom have stuffed up after charging me $70USD for shipping and are now trying to wash their hands of it.

I have an e-mail trail from Alice & Cherrie at RK. Happy to post here as evidence for all to see.

It'll be 4 weeks tomorrow that the item left Hong Kong. I have had no experience like this before. Is a Paypal claim the best option or is there something else to try?
That's a shame, Alice has helped me out a few times with faulty products and sourcing replacement parts.

My advice is to give them all due warning and then proceed with a PayPal dispute if you have to.
Which brings us to where we are today...

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