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I picked mine up today as well. One of the boxes was resealed by Australia Post due to "insufficient wrapping", but doesn't look like anything is missing.

I got two Leaders as well (instead of a Leader & a Voyager), being the same Wave 1 pair that Sofaman got.
The two Deluxe toys I got were Thundercracker and Armor Topspin (which would have been a real surprise if that wave hadn't been sighted at Myer yet).
And the "Robo Fighter" ended up being a Revving Robot. (Fighters are a deluxe size pop-up weapons range of toys that wasn't released here, while Revving ones are Leader sized electronic toys).

I might keep some of the books. One was a junior novelisation for DotM, which was like the comic, in that it ends with Megatron and Optimus forming a truce and both live. (the script certainly changed really late)

Everything else will be given away though.
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