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I was just on the phone with Target to query their price increase for Voyagers (giving them the benefit of the doubt that it was an error, and not just a temporary increase to offset the 20% off sale), but their buyer department is closed today due to a public holiday in Melbourne.
So I left my details, and if we're lucky, we might get an answer tomorrow.

Because based on last year's prices they didn't increase the Deluxe or Legion price, but are now well out in front of everyone on the Voyager price.

If I manage to get onto someone important, I might even ask why they never question the wholesale prices after all these years of improving exchange rate... or if they know but prefer the prices to stay hight for their own bigger profit margins.
(or I won't hear back from them, and we just have to keep reminding people to avoid Target after the sale, if you have access to a cheaper source)
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