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  1. RPMs Battlechargers redecos
  2. Movie redecos and Scattorshot
  3. December Dengeki & Hyper Hobby (JP) Magazines.
  4. NEW ROTF Box Images! (HA Barricade, Brawn, Ratchet, G1 Devs + More)
  5. JP Buster Optimus released, and pics.
  6. First Look at Packaging of Mindwipe and Defender Optimus Prime
  7. IDW's Tales of the Fallen #4 preview.
  8. Megan Fox and TF3 article. (potential spoilers)
  9. Revenge of the Fallen released on USB?
  10. JP FigureKing Mag scans.
  11. Official Images of EZ Devastator (G1 Colour)
  12. Mail Order Ravage Update
  13. Human Alliance Mudflap and Barricade in packaging.
  14. Lucky Draw Gold Leader Class ROTF Optimus Prime
  15. Buster Prime and Jetfire Two-Pack
  16. Pics of Skystalker, Brawn, Lockdown and Ratchet.
  17. January JP Dengeki Mag scans.
  18. Toys R US Exclusive Transformers ROTF Shanghai Showdown Pack Images
  19. JP Black Movie Optimus toy gallery.
  20. DELUXE RAtCHET in package pic
  21. Reviews of new NEST Ratchet, Brawn, Lockdown, Skystalker
  22. New JP Wonderfest TFs exclusive announced.
  23. It's official - TF2 was biggest grossing US Movie for 2009.
  24. IDW's Tales of the Fallen #6 - Arcee.
  25. Fifth Revenge of the Fallen Leader-Class Mold Revealed to be Bumblebee ???
  26. Transformers 3 - June 29 2011 (US) & now June 29 (AUS/NZ)
  27. Yellow Longhaul???
  28. FEWER EXPLOSIONS FOR TF III!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!
  29. Official pics for New Ravage, Divebomb and RPMs Soundwave.
  30. Battle Ops Bumblebee
  31. Hasbro's NEST Cyber Missions Episodes
  32. Yet another Movie Jetpower Optimus Prime? + An all new Megatron
  33. Payload - Yellow Long Haul Repaint and New Transformers Packaging Revealed
  34. JP exclusive Legends/EZ toys.
  35. [SPOILER] New Character in TF3?
  36. Recon Ravage now won't be exclusive to US mailorder.
  37. Toyfair Germany TFs 'gift' exclusive.
  38. Tyrese Gibson
  39. Japan's own Ravage Redeco (images)
  40. Clear Pic of Unite for the universe prime
  41. MR02/Unite Megatron
  42. Voyager Payload gallery.
  43. Human Alliance Mudflap gallery.
  44. Recon Ravage now out in Canada.
  45. Bay interview
  46. Ray Park
  47. Possible Spoiler news for Transformers 3
  48. Night Ops Ratchet (voyager redeco).
  49. 2010 Razzies
  50. Filming another Jet for TF3
  51. FAB redeco 2-pack.
  52. Packaging images for new Movie figures.
  53. TF3 script done, and filming begins soon.
  54. New Autobot (and name?) for TF3!
  55. + John Malkovich, -Megan Fox
  56. JP 'Unite' Optimus and Megatron release pushed back.
  57. Images of three JP EZ/Legends exclusives.
  58. Movie Starscream Video Clip on Sound Gimmicks
  59. Battle Ops Bumblebee review video.
  60. Transformers toys now being made in Vietnam?
  61. Deluxe Ironhide review video
  62. Shia La Beouf admits he too hated "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"
  63. Returning Cast News - Transformers 3 *POTENTIAL SPOILERS*
  64. Battle Blade Bumblebee images!
  65. New Optimus Bumblebee 2-pack.
  66. New Voyager Battle Blade Optimus pics.
  67. Chinese Movie Ratchet in real life...
  68. TF3 filming from July, in Chicago and Moscow.
  69. Returning actor - new character? (spoilers)
  70. Images of Banzai-Tron (ROTF Bludgeon Repaint)
  71. Actor Patrick Dempsey joins the TF3 cast (spoilers)
  72. Gallery reviews of new Deluxe Ironhide, BB Bbee, Hubcap
  73. Transformers 3 Autobot Bumblebee Revealed
  74. More early ROTF Concept Art: Wesley Burt
  75. TF3 on set pics of Ratchet
  76. Twins returning for TF3?
  77. Alan Tudyk joins TF3 cast
  78. (Spoiler) Pics from the set
  79. Filming of TF3 stunt?
  80. Hasbro announces HFTD to begin in June
  81. Desert Decimation Legends 4-pack
  82. Hasbro America is practically giving away ROTF toys now
  83. 3rd motorcycle?
  84. Victoria's Secret Model Confirmed for TF3 Lead Role
  85. Images of Voyager Optimus Prime
  86. Pics of Legends W2 Override & Tracker Hound
  87. New Images of Banzai-Tron
  88. 2007 Deluxe Bonecrusher Repaint
  89. First image of TF3 poster
  90. SPOILER! The villian for TF3 is....
  91. Names of upcoming products and multi-packs?
  92. Hunt for the Decepticons goes LIVE
  93. Transformers the Ride (US) now being constructed
  94. Movie Axor revealed
  95. Human Alliance Bumblebee HFTD variant
  96. Hunt for the Decepticons Books?
  97. HFTD Terradive revealed
  98. HFTD Code trading
  99. TF3 Filming locations in US
  100. Cyber Missions complete series on DVD
  101. SPOILER! TF3 Robot Man Thing?
  102. TF goes topless in TF3 *spoiler*
  103. Movie Darkwing/Dreadwing pics
  104. Transformers line is officially called 'Autobot Alliance'
  105. TakaraTomy Announces New Masterpiece!!!
  106. TakaraTomy's Elita-1
  107. *Spoilers* New TF3 set photos
  108. Human Alliance Jazz galleries
  109. Movie-style 10m Optimus Prime statue in China.
  110. New TF3 Character Revealed? *SPOILERS*
  111. *Spoilers* Another Possible New Transformer?
  112. New love interest is called Carly.
  113. IDW Nefarious #5 preview
  114. More new TF2 multi-packs
  115. TF3 - Another Returning Character *spoliers*
  116. Lengthy clip of the action in Chicago...
  117. A new Autobot confirmed...
  118. Identity of Nascar Trio revealed - SPOILERS
  119. Pics of Highbrow and Fallen
  120. TF3 More new autobots - Spoliers
  121. Robot character not returning for TF3?
  122. Voyager Battle Blades Optimus gallery.
  123. Two more Scout 2-packs in the pipeline
  124. Video review of AA Terradive
  125. Another New TF3 Character? **SPOILERS**
  126. First confirmed death in TF3?
  127. Voyager Optimus with battle hooks
  128. Movie MP2 - Battle Ops Bumblebee
  129. Human Alliance Shadow Blade Sideswipe official pics
  130. More JP AA Toys revealed at CX3 Show
  131. woman injured on tf3 set
  132. TF3 is definitely in 3D
  133. AA Sunspot gallery
  134. TF3 - Character and plot details ##SPOLIER ALERT##
  135. Exclusives info revealed in latest Q&A.
  136. tf3 comics
  137. CostCo gold Battle Ops Bumblebee?
  138. TF3 Size class names
  139. New Transformer revealed on set?
  140. TF3 Name Revealed?
  141. Real Car Crash on set - Bumblebee gets pwned!
  142. AA Activators wave 3 pics
  143. TF2 JP EZ/Legends wave 5 pics
  144. TF3 will have MORE "comedy"
  145. Transformers 3 prequel comic cover featuring...
  146. First Poster For Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Featuring....
  147. Transformers DOTM toy pics (images removed at request of Hasbro)
  148. Transformers DOTM Product Line Official Release Date - May 14/15/16 2011
  149. TF3 in 3D, but not in IMAX
  150. New US Happy Meal toys coming
  151. new 3ds tf movie game
  152. IDW Sector 7 comic #3 5-page preview
  153. TF3 Trailer - Thoughts and Discussion
  154. TF 3 Trailer being distributed to cinemas now.
  155. Dark Of The Moon Deluxe Bumblebee Prototype Revealed
  156. Dark of the Moon Toy Revealed-Tanker Truck
  157. TF3 Leader class Ironhide toy
  158. DOTM - Prime Revealed
  159. Hasbro cracking down on released DOTM toy images
  160. Is this guy still alive???
  161. Any idea what this is? Seller says DOTM
  162. DOTM Megatron Video
  163. Legends SUV Nascar toys
  164. DOTM Legends Bumblebee
  165. DOTM Deluxe Dreads Revealed
  166. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Green Impala Toy Image
  167. Rumor - Linkin Park’s Burning In The Skies For Transformers Dark Of The Moon?
  168. Possible Dark of the Moon Initial Toy Release Sheet
  169. *Spoilers* The Crashed Ship on the Moon is...?
  170. DOTM Deluxe SS Revealed
  171. TF3 now will be in IMAX
  172. New Pics of DOTM Voyager Toys
  173. TF3:DOTM Trailer Dates Revealed
  174. DOTM Voyager Ratchet.
  175. DOTM Deluxe Skids
  176. The DOTM Characters-Toys List
  177. DOTM In-Package Voy. Optimus Prime
  178. Human Alliance helicopter revealed
  179. DOTM Starscream (robot and vehicle mode)
  180. Transformers: Dark of the Moon Super Bowl spot
  181. DOTM/ROTF Toy Comparison Pics *SPOILERS*
  182. DOTM purple tank guy *spoiler*
  183. Possible Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Deluxe Class Barricade Revealed
  184. Mechtech weapons
  185. DOTM ultimate optimus prime toy info!
  186. DOTM toy details from UK toyfair 2011
  187. New pics of DOTM legends *possible spoilers*
  188. DOTM Jolt robot mode revealed?
  189. Leader Class Bumblebee?
  190. Movie Bumblebee with LIFE-SIZE Mech Tech weapon
  191. DOTM Barricade robot mode
  192. DOTM Voyager Ironhide
  193. Hasbro releases official toy images - SS & IH
  194. Transformers DOTM Wreckers reviews on youtube
  195. Bumblebee Chevy Superbowl TV spot
  196. Lots of new DOTM toys revealed
  197. New Walmart DOTM listings
  198. More new DOTM pics
  199. DOTM Shockwave Video
  200. DOTM Starscream Video Review
  201. DOTM Megatron Video Review
  202. Superbowl XLV Trailer
  203. Ultimate Optimus Prime Toy
  204. Takara UA-01 Jetwing Optimus Prime
  205. DOTM game release date
  206. 3D TFs cine-masks
  207. Movie interviews (and spoilers) from MTV
  208. DOTM Sentinel Prime bot mode
  209. Various DOTM toy reviews
  210. DOTM Ultimate Optimus
  211. DOTM Game teaser trailer
  212. Takara Movie Masterpiece
  213. Shockwave render
  214. Way better pics of Ultimate Optimus Prime
  215. DOTM - not excited? [possible spoils]
  216. Movie stars and cars leading Nascar (spoilers)
  217. More DOTM, Autobot Playset, YAH!
  218. TF3 Novel release details
  219. Next week's comics from IDW (spoilers)
  220. Possible new Decepticon Pic
  221. Release dates and prices for DOTM toys
  222. Transformers DOTM - Nascar Daytona 500 TV Spot
  223. New pics of DotM Voyager Skyhammer
  224. New DOTM toy revealed (repaint)
  225. Transformers 4 Will Happen with or Without Michael Bay
  226. Guys build real ROTF Megatron tank
  227. TF Movie Slipcases with TPBs
  228. Target exclusive Starscream
  229. Movie spoilers about the Twins and Wheelie - are they in or out?
  230. Previews of TF3 Prequel comics - Foundation & Rising Storm
  231. Bay Unveils ****** Prime *SPOILERS*
  232. TakaraTomy Voyager Prime with trailer and DOTM wave 2 list
  233. DOTM Voyager Skyhammer video review - Peaugh
  234. DOTM Legends Preview Pack found at US Retail
  235. Various TakaraTomy DOTM solication images
  236. Bay Admits TF2 was "Crap"
  237. New Transformers DOTM Leader class in box images
  238. First Pic of DOTM B*****D?
  239. New trailer for DOTM game
  240. Voyager Battle Blades Optimus remould 2-pack
  241. TF3 toys already found in US stores!
  242. Various TF3 movie toy video-reviews & official pics
  243. Possible exclusive redecos
  244. IDW Foundation #2 5-page preview
  245. Peaugh Review - DOTM Cyberverse MEGATRON w/ Blastwave Weapons Base
  246. Peaugh Review - DOTM Cyberverse OPTIMUS PRIME w/ Armored Weapons Platform
  247. Another Version of Transformers DOTM Voyager Optimus Prime
  248. New plushie TFs coming
  249. New pictures of DOTM leader Ironhide
  250. New DOTM Decepticon in package pic